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Ontarians Need Confidence in Government – And our Future

(April 29, 2013) – Ontario is buckling under a huge debt – set to triple – and half a million men and women have no job to go to. Yet the Liberals have focused instead on protecting their political power as Ontarians have seen in the gas plants scandal, PC Leader Tim Hudak said today.

“I want Ontarians to have confidence in their government to live within its means, create a climate for good jobs and protect the things we value for the sake of our kids,” Hudak said.

“It’s time to hold the Liberals to account for misusing taxpayers’ money for political gain – on behalf of the people they’re supposed to serve.”

Hudak was joined by PC House Leader Jim Wilson prior to calling for a vote of non-confidence in the Legislature – giving Ontarians a voice in whether the scandal-plagued Liberals still deserve to run the province.

“The Liberals have crossed a line,” Wilson said. “Every day they’re not held accountable means more tax dollars wasted and more jobs lost. The cost of leaving this government in charge is too high.”

Hudak said incompetence is one thing: “But a blatant disregard for taxpayers – at the expense of the economy and creating jobs for people – is something else. That’s what this gas plant scandal is all about.”

Ontarians deserve a vote in the Legislature by the politicians who claim to represent them – including the NDP – to say if they want a new team and a new direction for cleaning up the mess the Liberals have made, Hudak added.

“Time and again, the McGuinty-Wynne Liberals have put their own political power ahead of our jobs and spending crisis. The people of this province deserve better.”


Jim later appeared on CP24 with Stephen LeDrew to discuss the PCs confidence motion

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