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Wilson talks ramifications of GEA and Demands Answers over Wind Turbines proposed near Airport

(April 18, 2013) Today Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson took part in a PC Party press conference to discuss ramifications of the Green Energy Act and made a statement in the House to question Premier Kathleen Wynne again on her willingness to stop the proposal to build 500 foot industrial wind turbines on a flight path of the Collingwood Regional Airport and other airports in Clearview Township.

“I rise today to bring attention to the fact that in addition to the numerous petitions I have submitted and most recently my question to Premier Kathleen Wynne in the House on March 7th, I have still not seen any action from the Premier or her government concerning this dangerous proposal,” said Wilson. “I demand that the Premier follow through with what she said and stop this dangerous proposal from going ahead.”

Wilson has been waiting months to hear from the Premier on this issue with no success. He has been a strong opponent of this particular renewable energy project due its close proximity to the Collingwood Regional Airport and the aerodrome in Clearview Township.

“On March 7th, the Minister of Energy told the House that the Premier would honour the commitment she made and do something, yet again I`ve heard nothing,” said Wilson. “Meanwhile, Wpd Canada is moving full speed ahead with their application to construct turbines fully ignoring the vast concerns expressed by citizens over safety and the economic impact to our community.” 

Wilson also reminded the government of the latest data that reveals that the Green Energy Act is costing Ontario tax payers billions while doing nothing to benefit the environment or jobs.  He concluded by urging members to support legislation being debated today by his colleague, Lisa Thompson.  

“This afternoon, my colleague from Huron-Bruce, Lisa Thompson, will be debating Bill 39, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act that will ensure that these projects are only built in communities where they are welcomed and wanted and at prices ratepayers can afford,” said Wilson.  “I hope the Premier will be listening to the important debate and I encourage all members to support Bill 39.”

Unfortunately, the Liberals and NDP once again banded together to defeat Bill 39 and ignore the rights and legitimate concerns of rural Ontarians.

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