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Wilson to Wynne: Allow Select Committee into Gas Plant Scandal

(February 21, 2013) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson challenged Premier Kathleen Wynne in Question Period today over her flip-flop on a decision to strike a select committee to review all issues related to the Oakville and Mississauga billion dollar gas plant scandal. 

“You don’t want your first week as the 25th Premier of the province of Ontario to be like the last 10 years of the Dalton McGuinty government, where Premier McGuinty would say one thing and always do something else,” said Wilson.  “You have made a promise. You have put it in writing. The need for a select committee couldn’t be clearer.”

Wilson’s question comes one week after Premier Wynne sent a letter to Tim Hudak and Andrea Horwath promising to strike a select committee to investigate the Liberal Party’s politically motivated decision to cancel the two gas plants.  The Premier changed her mind on the committee after the PC Party reissued their point of privilege to hold the Liberal government in contempt for hiding thousands of documents ordered by the Legislature.

“Your House Leader gave us an ultimatum: “My way or the highway.  You drop your point of privilege then we’ll have a select committee,” charged Wilson. “That was not acceptable, that would never be acceptable, and you knew that when you offered that to us.”

The Ministry of Energy revealed earlier in the day that there are now a third set of documents to be released regarding the cancellation of the gas plants.  Tim Hudak and the Ontario PCs have been calling on the government to release these documents since the scandal broke. The Liberals have always denied the documents existed.

 “The Liberal Party’s decision and your government’s decision in the last election to relocate the power plants—that was the first scandal,” said Wilson. “The second scandal is that for months and months and months in this place and outside of this place, you refused an order of the House.  They played funny with the law—in fact they broke the law of the Legislative Assembly Act—and you did not produce the documents. Now we find there are more documents to come.”


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