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Liberal Leadership Candidates Do Not Deserve To Be in Government, Let Alone Running It

(January 21, 2012) With each passing day, the only record the Ontario Liberal leadership candidates can point to is one of inaction tackling Ontario’s jobs and spending crisis. The Liberal leadership hopefuls vying for the province’s top job are the same group of McGuintyites that sat at the cabinet table while job-killing policies were implemented and the province was driven, for the first time in history, into have-not status.
The candidates all have equally terrible records, ones that quite frankly I`m surprised anyone would campaign for leadership on. No matter who succeeds Dalton McGuinty Ontarians have good reason to be worried about the future economic stability of our province.

Since the race began, the Liberals have been trying to put a new face on an old horse. The candidates have gone through each debate pretending that they somehow are not to blame for the past nine years of Liberal government policy that they played a part in creating.

Since 2009, turbines have been approved by the government with no local input and despite vast local opposition. Recently, when asked about their views on the Green Energy Act, not surprisingly, most of the candidates were pushing for immediate reforms and more local input. It’s the same story with horseracing and again with teacher unions.

Are the candidates lying about their positions to Ontarians now, or were they lying then? It’s all a bunch of baloney.

Over the past decade the Liberal leadership candidates, at one time or another, all were part of a government that wasted at least $4 billion on spending scandal after spending scandal. It`s hard to forgot about eHealth, Ornge, Samsung, power plants, cricket clubs and the list goes on.

They`ve given extravagant sums of public money as handouts to their government buddies—$35 million was doled out in bonuses to civil service managers just last year. In fact, they`ve increased government spending at a rate of three times the rate of inflation.

The leadership candidates voted in favour of multiple tax increases—most notably the Health Tax, but also increases to the small business and corporate tax rates.

And, they`ve increased the government bureaucracy to the point that half of the $120 billion that the Government spends each year now goes toward paying the wages, pensions and benefits of government employees.

As part of the McGuinty team, the leadership candidates are directly responsible for the current government’s $15 billion deficit, $240 billion debt, countless spending scandals and bureaucratic bloat. They were a part of a government that recently prorogued the Ontario Legislature for politically driven reasons, an action that calls into question the principle of democracy itself.

The leadership hopefuls have done nothing good for Ontario and as Anthony Furey, columnist for the Ottawa Sun recently said, ”… any Ontario Liberal who has come within reach of eHealth, ORNGE or the power plant deals really has no business leading the province.”

The Liberal leadership candidates have had no difficulty wasting taxpayers` hard earned money over the last nine-years and there is nothing to suggest they plan on changing their ways when they take their place at the head of the government table.

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