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Bogus Email Shows Distrust in McGuinty

(Queen's Park Report - July 19, 2012) There's a bogus email that's been making its way through inboxes and outboxes that claims that those over 75 won't be approved for medical procedures in Ontario unless it's approved by an ethics panel. Let's begin by confirming that the claims are completely false.

What's surprising is how many people have asked me about it. In fact, my email inbox has been submerged with constituents concerned about these claims.

It quotes a fictitious physician named Dr. Suzanne Allen from the Wilson Medical Centre in Toronto who warns that Dalton McGuinty is creating these special panels to determine life or death for those needing kidney operations, bypass surgery and the like.

That I've received so many inquiries about this email tells me just how distrustful Ontarians are of Dalton McGuinty. To me, the underlying message is that people feel that the current government is duplicitous and sneaky and that it's not so farfetched that the Liberals would slide in a provision to create "death panels" come 2013.

Of course, there would be riots in the street if that happened. But I suppose when Mr. McGuinty lied repeatedly about raising taxes, or introduced his sneaky eco-fees, or buried the truth on hydro's Debt Retirement Charge, massive secret cuts to healthcare aren't so farfetched.

After all, he delisted physiotherapy, eye and chiropractic care in his first term and now he's unilaterally cutting doctor fee schedules.

The truth is that the email began in the United States as a protest against President Obama and his healthcare reforms. In that equally fictitious version, Dr. Allen was a physician at the Johnson City Medical Centre in Tennessee. Somebody, in poor judgement, thought it would be funny to change a few minor details and spread these lies in Ontario too.

Constituents who receive questionable email chains can check for more details on the website It's a pretty good reference source for myths, rumors and misinformation and while I can't verify all that they say, it's a pretty good starting point.

Of course, constituents are always welcome to contact my office at 1-800-268-7542 or on the web at and I'd be happy to look into any suspicious claims that come through your inbox.

But for this one, I can't help but think that Dalton McGuinty invited this type of bogus allegation on himself.

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