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Thank you, Simcoe-Grey

Ceremony Last week I had the honour of being sworn-in as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Simcoe-Grey in the 40th Ontario Parliament. Taking the Oath of Allegiance is always a very humbling experience. This year I enjoyed the comfort of friends, family members and locally elected officials who joined me for this special occasion at Queen's Park.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank you, the constituents of Simcoe-Grey, for granting me the privilege of serving and representing you and your priorities both at home in the riding and in the Legislature at Queen's Park.


I also want to salute my fellow candidates. Mounting an election campaign is an incredible task. It requires numerous volunteers and countless hours to get out and knock on doors, make phone calls, staff offices, hammer in lawn signs and to serve and assist voters and the media in their search for information. Whether you worked on my campaign or one of my opponents, I congratulate and thank you for your commitment and willingness to participate in the electoral process.

Earlier this month, I was given another honour when I was appointed by PC Leader Tim Hudak to serve as House Leader of the Official Opposition. My job will be to help steer our party through the new minority legislature, and to make sure that Dalton McGuinty is kept on a short leash, just as Ontario voters have asked for.

I am confident in our ability to do so. The Ontario PC Caucus- made stronger by 16 new MPPs- has already been hard at work to bring forward positive ideas to create jobs to get Ontario's economy back on track. As the fall session of the Legislature resumes, we will focus on creating the right conditions for job creation. That means lower taxes, red tape reduction, getting the cost of energy under control, and giving families relief so they have the confidence to start spending again.

Locally, I will continue to fight to bring new jobs to our area and ensure we get our fair share of health care services- including an expansion of Collingwood General and Marine Hospital, and a planning grant towards building a new Stevenson Memorial Hospital. Both of these projects will take years, but it is important that we begin to lay the groundwork.

Representing Simcoe-Grey is a job that I love, and I look forward to the challenging and rewarding work that lies ahead. As always, I invite you to contact me if I can be of any assistance to you, your family or your neighbours in your dealings with the Province of Ontario.

Thank you again for your many years of support.

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