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Wilson Announces Plan to Give Hydro Relief

Hydro Relief

(Collingwood) Today, Jim Wilson announced that after years of failed Liberal hydro experiments, a PC government would remove the provincial portion of the HST from hydro bills. 

In Canada, heating our homes is not a luxury. Dalton McGuinty’s move to increase the cost with a surprise tax increase was grossly unfair. A PC government will remove the provincial portion of the HST from every home heating bill, including natural gas, home heating oil and propane.  A PC Government will also remove the so-called “Debt Retirement Charge” from residential hydro bills. Taken together, these steps will give a typical Ontario household $275 in immediate relief from rising energy bills.

In October, the choice is clear – a McGuinty government which will raise the taxes of Ontario families, or a Tim Hudak government which will provide relief for families on hydro bills.

“Dalton McGuinty’s failed energy experiments have hurt Ontario families where it matters most – in their pocketbooks. Tim Hudak recognizes that our families desperately need relief. By removing the provincial portion of the HST from hydro bills, hardworking families will get a major break from steadily rising costs. The choice in October is clear - a McGuinty plan to raise taxes, or an Ontario PC plan to lower taxes.”
-    Jim Wilson, MPP for Simcoe-Grey

•    Under Dalton McGuinty, hydro rates have increased eight times since 2003 by a total of 84 percent, or a whopping 150 percent for families with activated smart meters.
•    Despite promising Ontario families that his expensive energy experiments and Green Energy Act would only raise rates by 1 percent, Dalton McGuinty now admits in last year’s Fall Economic Update that bills will rise by an additional 46 percent by 2015.
•    Even the Ontario Energy Board acknowledged Dalton McGuinty’s energy experiments were behind the latest May 1 hydro increase when they said new forms of power generation (as a result of the Green Energy Act) are costing more to produce.

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