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Ontario Families Need Relief from Tax and Spend McGuinty Liberals

Families First(March 29, 2011) Jim Wilson says Dalton McGuinty has turned Ontario into a have-not province with have-not households.   That’s the message from Simcoe-Grey’s MPP today who’s calling today’s budget a good reason to get rid of Dalton McGuinty and his high taxes and runaway spending.

“Let’s not kid ourselves; we all know how Dalton McGuinty rolls: break promise, tax, spend, and repeat.  It’s what he did in 2003 with the Health Tax, it’s what he did again in 2007 with the HST, and he’ll do it over and over again until we put him into retirement.  This man is hardwired to tax and spend,” said Wilson.

In the 2003 campaign, McGuinty told voters: “I'm telling Ontario families that their taxes will not go up tomorrow or any day under a Liberal government." Seven months later he brought the Health Tax that has robbed Ontario families of $18 billion since being implemented – a tax that doesn’t even go towards healthcare.

In the last few days of the 2007 election campaign, McGuinty said again that he wouldn’t raise taxes.  After winning, he implemented the greedy $3 billion HST, a $53 million hidden hydro tax, a 75% increase in hydro rates and a seven year extension of hydro’s Debt Retirement Charge.  He also applied the Land Transfer Tax on fractional ownership, implemented the Ontario Tire Stewardship Fee, and increased fees for various government services including Commercial Vehicle Operator’s Registration and driver testing.

Ontario has the highest tuition rates in all of Canada and the highest fines and penalties for seat belt, speeding and other traffic infractions.  Dalton McGuinty has increased taxes on beer, wine and spirits and even raised the floor price on beer.  He also implemented a sneaky eco-tax on electronics such as computers, TVs and iPods.

“This budget is just another prescription to tax,” said Wilson.  “Dalton McGuinty is desperate.  Just like the last two times, he said anything to get elected then, and he’ll say anything to get re-elected this time.  It’s time for a change in government.”

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