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Wilson Renews Calls for Highway 89 Traffic Lights

(December 22, 2010) As winter weather arrives in New Tecumseth causing difficult road conditions, Jim Wilson renewed his repeated calls for traffic signals to be installed at the entrance to Green Briar on Highway 89.  The Simcoe-Grey MPP used a statement in the Legislature recently to press the McGuinty Government to act on this important local safety issue.

Earlier this summer, Wilson mailed a postcard petition to every home in Green Briar and Briar Hill to gather support for the initiative.  To date, 253 families have responded to the petition that urges the McGuinty Government to support Wilson’s efforts to have the lights installed.  

A copy of Wilson’s remarks in the Ontario Legislature is as follows:

Mr. Jim Wilson (Simcoe-Grey): My office has received hundreds of postcard petitions from the residents of Green Briar and Briar Hill in New Tecumseth who are fed up with the McGuinty government’s refusal to install traffic signals at the entrance to Green Briar on Highway 89. Let me tell you what my constituents are saying about this.

Chris from Alliston wrote: “The traffic signals are long overdue. As Green Briar is basically a retirement community, cars are coming and going all day long. Now we have two hockey rinks, plus the hotel, plus the golf course, plus soccer fields, plus the ongoing traffic to Walmart and all of the traffic from Honda. Please install them soon before a major accident occurs.”

Mary from Alliston wrote: “Hopefully someone won’t have to be killed before the light is put in. The flashing lights are useless.”

Earl from Alliston wrote: “The traffic lights are essential! We moved to Green Briar in late November of 2007 in the midst of a major snowstorm. It did not take us long to realize how necessary traffic lights were for turning on Highway 89.”

Brian from Alliston wrote: “It is extremely dangerous. The quick fix of flashing lights to slow down has done nothing. Residents in the area are aging and reflexes are not as quick” as they were. “Honda traffic at times is relentless. Someone is going to be killed.”

It was wrong for the McGuinty government to cancel this project in 2003, after it was approved by the PC government. This is a very serious safety issue, and today I’m urging Premier McGuinty to act now before somebody gets hurt.

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