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Reveal Hydro Costs says Wilson

(September 30, 2010) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson got into a heated debate with Dalton McGuinty yesterday over hydro rates and the government’s refusal to disclose an analysis on how much electricity bills are going to go up.

“It is you sir who is taking us down a path of grand experimentation at a huge cost to jobs, families and seniors in this province,” Wilson told McGuinty in the Legislature.  “You represent the shareholders of the system; the shareholders are the ratepayers of Ontario. They own the system; you do not, sir. You have the responsibility to report to them in an open, honest and transparent way and tell them what they’re getting for their money and how much it’s going to cost.”  

Wilson was referring to an Ontario Energy Board (OEB) letter, dated September 17, 2010, that confirms that the McGuinty Government has done an analysis on how much electricity bills are going up but won’t disclose it to the public.  The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters say Ontario families can expect to pay an extra $732 on their hydro bills.

“Taxpayers know that an affordable and reliable energy system is fundamental to our economic prosperity,” said Wilson, who also called Dalton McGuinty’s so-called ‘smart-meters’ “tax machines that should be turned off.”  The local MPP maintains that his constituents are fed up with the current government’s energy experiments.

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