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HEQCO - What are they hiding?

(September 28, 2010) Progressive Conservative MPP Jim Wilson (Simcoe-Grey) wants to know what Dalton McGuinty’s government is hiding at the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario.  Wilson, who serves as Opposition Critic for Colleges and Universities, says the agency is stalling the release of public documents on their spending practices.

“HEQCO was already caught using tax dollars to buy a $400 watch from Birks,” said Wilson.  “Given the evidence last time, you have to wonder why they are stonewalling our attempts to look into their spending practices this time.”

In February, Wilson revealed that between 2007 and 2009, senior staff at HEQCO spent $12,223 on hospitality and catering, including $260 on ineligible alcohol expenses and $769 for items expensed without detailed receipts.  Also expensed was a $400 engraved watch from Birks jewellers, among other expenses.

In Question Period, Wilson told the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, “If this agency does not release these documents then we can only assume that the Higher Education Quality Council has joined the likes of eHealth, Cancer Care Ontario, OLG and the WSIB in squandering hard earned tax dollars.”

The MPP is demanding that the Minister order the agency to release the documents by the end of the day.

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