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McGuinty takes taxing and spending to a whole new level

Hidden Tax Grab(Queen's Park Report - March 23, 2010) Ontario’s tax and spend Premier is at it again.  In the past week Dalton McGuinty has not only announced sweetheart deals for provincial tax collectors, he has also secretly imposed a new hidden hydro tax on Ontario families.

In a very clandestine way, with no advance notification or public warning, Dalton McGuinty used a little known power he has under the Liberals’ Green Energy Act to issue a regulation that will force energy utilities to collect over $53 million in new taxes through our hydro bills.

It’s so sneaky how the Liberals did this.  This week they came out saying there would be no tax increases in the budget, but the week before they actually hiked taxes.  This is a great example of the Machiavellian way that the Liberals try to fool Ontarians.

This hidden hydro tax is the fourth separate tax, charge, or price increase that has been imposed on us through Dalton McGuinty’s energy plan.   Other rate hikes came in the form of the Special Samsung Tax, as well as an increase in base energy prices from their so-called ‘Smart Meters’.  On July 1, the McGuinty Liberals will also begin collecting the 13% HST on every hydro bill – a net increase of 8% for every household and business.

Raising taxes has become Dalton McGuinty’s forte.  First it was the Health Tax, and then the Harmonized Sales Tax, and now the new hidden Hydro Tax.  He is the king of tax hikes.

When you’re taxing this much it’s usually because you’re spending too much.  In fact, Dalton McGuinty’s spending problem has gotten downright ridiculous.

Just look at the recent tax collector severance fiasco.  In selling the HST, the Liberals claimed that we will save hundreds of millions of dollars by reducing administration costs.  In other words, we wouldn’t need as many tax collectors.  Now we know that’s not true.  Not one of the 1,250 tax collectors will lose their job.  They will simply be transferred to the Canada Revenue Agency.

In doing so, these tax collectors will also receive hefty severance packages worth as much as $45,000 without losing a day’s pay.  Qualifying for this payout is easy; all you need to do is agree to do the same job, at the same desk, and agree to a 3.4% raise.  It’s a sweet deal for tax collectors, but not for taxpayers.

It’s outrageous to think that these folks won’t even lose their jobs, they won’t change offices, and their duties won’t change.  Yet, under Dalton McGuinty, these provincial employees are still entitled to receive up to $45,000 in severance pay. 

What do taxpayers get in return?  Not much.  Do we get better services?  Nope.  Do we get less bureaucracy?  Nope.  Do we get a $25 million bill for severances?  Yes. 

The situation is so painful that it’s almost laughable.   To make matters worse, Dalton McGuinty actually believes that this is going to save us money.   He thinks because these tax collectors are moving to another public payroll that it’s somehow going to save Ontario taxpayers money.  Earth to Dalton: there’s only one taxpayer! 

Dalton McGuinty already earned the Triple Crown for the largest debt, deficit and taxes, but now he’s managed to take taxing and spending to a whole new level.  This is getting scary.

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