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McGuinty Drops the Axe on Doctor Recruitment Programs

(Queen’s Park) The McGuinty Government has dropped the axe on local doctor recruitment funding by stripping rural communities of provincial support from the Underserviced Area Program.

Wilson called the decision “extremely disappointing.” He pointed out that rural municipalities in Simcoe-Grey will be put at a disadvantage since they will now have to compete with larger cities like London and Oakville, without provincial support to level the playing field.

“This is us paying more to get less from Dalton McGuinty,” said Wilson.  “He brought in a health tax, wasted a billion dollars at eHealth, and pays high salaries to middle-managers at the LHINs and now he says he’s got no money for doctor recruitment.  Taxpayers should be outraged.”

Wilson first raised this issue in July 2009 and has been introducing petitions in the Ontario Legislature since then.  The local MPP says that Dalton McGuinty could continue to fund doctor recruitment programs if he would get rid of the extra layer of bureaucracy at the Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs) that have spent $176 million on administration.  Wilson says that money should be moved to frontline healthcare.


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