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McGuinty snubs Central Ontario: Wilson

(January 19, 2009) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson criticized Premier Dalton McGuinty today for effectively shutting Central Ontario out of the provincial Cabinet.

“The real story here is that Dalton McGuinty snubbed Central Ontario,” said Wilson.  “Booting Aileen Carroll out of Cabinet means that there’s no regional voice at the Cabinet table.”

Wilson noted how Toronto has ten seats at Cabinet, while Northern Ontario has three and Hamilton/Niagara has two.  Central Ontario has been completely shut out, unlike any other region.
“Cabinet is supposed to reflect the regional diversity of the province,” said Wilson.  “I’d hate to say the Liberals don’t care about our area, but what else are we supposed to conclude?”

Wilson also criticized the appointment of Leona Dombrowsky as Minister of Education.  He said “she did nothing for farmers” as was made clear at last week’s Simcoe County farmers meeting that he attended along with Tim Hudak in Innisfil.  “There’s little hope she’ll do anything to help save rural schools in her new job.”


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