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McGuinty Spends Ontario Into a Deficit: Wilson

(October 22, 2008) – Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson criticized the McGuinty government for being poor stewards of the provincial treasury following today’s economic statement that revealed how the McGuinty Liberals are spending Ontario into a deficit.

“Now that we’ve seen the books of this province it’s absolutely shocking,” said Wilson.  “Ontario now joins PEI as one of the only provinces in Confederation to be back in deficit simply because Dalton McGuinty squandered a $5.6 billion surplus which has left us with nothing in the kitty to help in these uncertain economic times.”

Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan today released the government’s Fall 2008 Economic Statement, which revealed a $500 million deficit.  It also showed that since coming to office, the McGuinty Liberals have added $31 billion in new provincial debt which equates to an additional $6,500 in debt per household, plus interest.
Wilson questioned what the McGuinty Liberals have been doing since they came into office.  “Where was Dalton McGuinty four years ago when I first started talking about the layoffs in the manufacturing sector in Collingwood?  Instead of dealing with the problems then, now we find ourselves holding an emergency debate on the economy and find out today the government is running a deficit.  It’s outrageous!”

Wilson also pointed out that the McGuinty Liberals have hired more public sector employees since October 2003 than all other provinces combined.

“The Big Spenders in Dalton McGuinty’s Cabinet have blown millions. While they have loosened the strings on the public purse, Ontarians have been tightening their belts. Now, all of us, and our children, will have to pay the price.”

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