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Provincial Stay At Home Orders

My offices are receiving many calls and emails with questions about the current State of Emergency and the Stay At Home orders. The most frequent questions we have received are:

  1. Am I permitted to travel for child care or to help a family member? Travel is permitted for the purposes of attending, obtaining or providing child care and for providing care to an individual requiring support 
  2. Can my business remain open? All employers should ensure that every employee works from home wherever possible. The updated list of Businesses permitted to open can be viewed here: Businesses permitted to open Please call the Stop the Spread Business Information Line if you need more information on your specific circumstances: 1-888-444-3659

I am very sorry that this shutdown has become necessary and realize the tremendous strain it will place on our local businesses and families. However, we have reached a crucial point where it is vitally important to minimize transmission of COVID-19 and prevent our hospitals from becoming overwhelmed.

Full details on the Stay At Home Order can be viewed here: and here:

The latest update from the Simcoe-Muskoka District Health unit here:


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