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Season's Greetings from your MPP

As Holiday season is upon us, we find ourselves reflecting on the past year. Regrettably, it will always be remembered for the dreadful COVID-19 virus inflicted on our world. Rather than fixating on the negative, we should all take a moment at this time of year to consider the good we saw in 2020.

Let's be grateful for the steadfast commitment of the front-line health care professionals who selflessly worked long hours, in very trying conditions, to care for our families and friends, especially the vulnerable elderly.

We should be thankful for the essential workers who showed up every day and were indispensable in ensuring our critical needs were met. And also for the many volunteers who sewed masks or delivered groceries and other needed goods to shut-ins.

Entrepreneurs, large and small, who re-tooled to manufacture Personal Protective Equipment, or produce urgently needed medical supplies and devices, deserve our appreciation. Like everyone, I'm in awe of the scientists who miraculously developed a vaccine in record time.

Remember the ordinary people, going about their everyday lives, whose acts of kindness – big and small – contributed to our well-being throughout the year. And, not least, let's celebrate our children who've been patient through months of restriction and lock-down, waiting for normal life to return.

Sadly, some of our neighbours are suffering. Jobs have vanished. Businesses have faltered. Tragically, there are families grieving the loss of loved ones. These are unfortunate stories we need to keep in our prayers as we move ahead.

Let's go into the New Year looking for ways to "pay it forward." To find ways of supporting our less fortunate fellow citizens. We've been going through a very rough stretch. But the end is in sight.
Let's be grateful that we live in one of the finest areas of the best country in the world.

Please accept my very best wishes for a wonderful holiday, and for a much healthier and more agreeable 2021.

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