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VIDEO: Wilson pleased Health Minister agreed to tour hospitals in Alliston and Collingwood

 (March 28, 2019) On Thursday in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson asked the Health Minister again about approval of the Stevenson Memorial and Collingwood General and Marine Hospital redevelopment projects. Wilson also asked the Minister to tour the hospitals to see for herself the genuine need.


As the minister knows, the hospitals are 50 and 60 years old. They’re busting at the seams. They were ignored under the Liberal government, and they’re waiting for redevelopments … They’re running out of patience,” said Wilson. “We deal with hallway medicine every day. You can imagine the extent of hallway medicine in Alliston, for example, when the building was built for 7,000 emergency room visits and last year did close to 50,000. Collingwood, being a four-season resort community deals with tens of thousands more visits than it was built for.”



“One consequence … we’ve had some real superstars in terms of physicians and nurses and staff and board members and even administrators come to both hospitals with the expectation that we’d be seeing a new hospital … That hasn’t happened, so the morale has taken a bit of a dip in both hospitals,” continued Wilson.


In response to Wilson’s question the Health Minister said she was aware of the projects. She acknowledged that the hospitals were neglected under the past government and that they are under great strain with changing demographics. She also agreed to come tour the hospitals. 


Wilson was pleased with the positive response.


“I am delighted the Minister has recognized the problem and agreed to come see our hospitals for herself. This is good news for residents of Simcoe-Grey,” said Wilson. “The Government is under tremendous pressure when it comes to capital dollars, so this is great next step.”






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