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Statement on long-term care funding annoucement

(March 26, 2019) Today Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson issued the following statement in response to the Government's announcement of additional support for Ontario seniors:

"I am pleased to recognize the Government for continuing to deliver on its commitment to long-term care by announcing funding for an additional 16 projects, adding 1,157 more long-term care beds and spaces across the province.

These long-term care beds are in additional to the first 6,075 beds that were announced by this Government last year and fulfill almost half of the Government's overall commitment of 15,000 long-term care bed over five years.

I was very pleased to learn that included in the recent announcement was funding for 40 new beds and 120 redeveloped beds as a joint project in my riding between Collingwood Nursing Home and Bay Haven Senior Care Community.

This is terrific progress for a new government in nine months and I look forward to continued action on the issue, particularly for the residents of Simcoe-Grey.

Long-term care is one of the biggest issues my offices and I deal with almost on a daily basis. In fact, I have received over 1100 emails on the issue in the last few months alone. Some of the issues I'm hearing about include:

- People having difficulty navigating the system and finding themselves on waitlists for years;
- Residents being forced to seek care outside their local area;
- Overworked staff and a lack of PSW hours to meet the demand;
- A lack of mental health supports and personalized care for residents;
- A high administrative burden

There is more to be done, but this funding should be acknowledged and will go a long way in improving care for seniors in my riding and across the province. I am pleased to recognize the Health Minister and Government for their swift action on the file."


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