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(VIDEO) Wilson asks Ford Government when they will fund redevelopments of local hospitals

(March 7, 2019) On Wednesday in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson asked the Government when Collingwood General and Marine and Stevenson Memorial hospitals can expect approval for their long awaited redevelopment projects pointing out that they are well beyond the planning they have been compensated for.

"The hospitals have done everything asked of them by your ministry. In fact, they kind of feel like they're being run around right now," said Wilson. "Can you give me some indication today of when these hospitals will get approval... As you know, under the previous government, they were ignored for 15 years. My constituents have waited long enough, and they'd really like to hear some good news from this government.

The Health Minister made no promises, but she did acknowledge that the hospitals were ignored for a decade and a half under the previous Liberal Government. She also assured Wilson that they are not being ignored now.

Wilson continued to press the Health Minister pointing out expected population growth over the next 15 years. He also asked the Minister to tour the hospitals to see for herself the need for the projects. Again the Health Minister wouldn't speak to specifics or agree to the request.

"At this point it's pretty clear the hospitals are in a holding pattern waiting to be given the greenlight by the Ford Cabinet," said Wilson. "It's important Doug Ford and Christine Elliott continue to be reminded of the critical need for these projects, and this is exactly what I plan to do."


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