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(VIDEO) Wilson asks for approval of hospital developments

(April 30, 2018) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson took a new approach in question period today when asking the government about when much needed planning grants will be approved for Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston.

“Minister, as you know, for a great number of years, since the Liberals have been in office, my riding has been fighting for the redevelopment of two hospitals… your predecessor quite nicely gave us a bit of money for the planning process just about a month ago—$500,000 for each hospital—but as you know, each hospital has spent well over $1 million of their own money, front-line patient money, to go through the planning process,” said Wilson. “We don’t have approval yet. I was just wondering if over the last month there has been a change of heart at the ministry and you might see your way to approving these projects before the writ is dropped?”

Health Minister Helena Jaczek spoke generally about health care and could only say that she would look into the status of the grants again.

Wilson continued by asking if a funding announcement might be coming before the election is called next week.

“I think everyone would be very happy, including the Liberal candidate in my riding for this election, who is the Premier’s son-in-law. Maybe [Minister] if you want to keep your job over the next couple of weeks, you would announce these couple of hospitals.”



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