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Wilson demands government fund hospital re-development planning

(March 28, 2018) – Last week, MPP Jim Wilson called on the provincial government to provide funding for two local hospitals to continue planning for future re-developments.

In the legislature, Wilson said Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston has spent $1.3 million planning for its eventual re-development. Collingwood General and Marine Hospital has spent $1.2 million on planning costs. In February, the government announced it was providing each hospital with $500,000 for planning costs.

“We all know $500,000 to each hospital is nowhere near enough to cover the cost of planning and design work. It doesn’t even cover what both hospitals have spent to this point,” he said.

The final planning costs for the projects are expected to exceed $14 million per hospital by the end of the process.

“The time has come for both hospitals to receive their full planning grants,” said Wilson. “The hospitals and their supporters are ready to move forward with both projects – it’s time for the government to get on board.”


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