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Wilson: FAO report proves Liberals can’t be trusted on energy file

(February 15, 2018) – MPP Jim Wilson says a recent report by Ontario’s Financial Accountability Officer is more proof that the Liberals can’t be trusted on the hydro file.


“On Monday, the FAO released a report that proves what we knew all along: the Liberals don’t know what they’re doing on the energy file,” said Wilson. “The report proves that selling our control of Hydro One to raise money for infrastructure spending made no sense. The FAO tells us it would have been $1.8 billion cheaper to borrow the money for infrastructure.”


“We could have maintained full ownership of Hydro One, invested in critical infrastructure and saved money, but instead the Liberals chose a Hydro One fire sale,” said Wilson.


Wilson said under the Liberals it has been one disastrous boondoggle after another on the energy file, which has caused the dramatic increase in costs to hydro consumers.


“Smart meters, the Green Energy Act and the sale of Hydro One are the reasons energy costs in Ontario are soaring,” said Wilson. “This government can’t be trusted. They have increased the cost of everything for hard-working families. The time for change in Ontario is now.”




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