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Apprenticeship Ratios Keeping Students Unemployed

(April 24, 2008) P.C. Critic for Training, Colleges and Universities Jim Wilson (Simcoe-Grey) continued to push for changes to Ontario’s apprenticeship ratios in an effort to put students to work and help curb the skilled trade shortage. “We need skilled trades’ people,” said Wilson.  “We’ve got employers in Ontario who want to hire more apprentices but can’t because they need, in many cases, three journeymen for every one apprentice.”

Wilson used Question Period to follow-up on a promise the Premier made to the House on March 26th where he committed to “look into the matter” of Ontario’s artificially high journeymen to apprentice ratios.  Nine other provinces and territories, including BC and Alberta, have accepted a one-to-one ratio between journeyman and apprentice while Ontario continues to regulate a three-to-one ratio making it extremely difficult to hire apprentices.

“We’ve got young people who want to work, employers who want to hire them and without spending a dime the government could make one small regulatory change and put these people to work,” said Wilson.  “The government can throw money to train people all they like, but if you can’t get an apprentice position you can’t get a job.”

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