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VIDEO: Wilson thanks residents for efforts to defeat turbine project

(October 18, 2017) Yesterday, MPP Jim Wilson recognized the efforts of local residents and communities for their efforts to defeat an industrial wind turbine project in Simcoe-Grey.

Wilson spoke in the Ontario Legislature and thanked all those involved in the effort to defeat the proposal to build industrial wind turbines near the Collingwood Airport and the Clearview Aerodrome. In August, the Environmental Review Tribunal ruled in favour of the appeal and stopped the project.


"The Town of Collingwood, Clearview Township, Simcoe County, the Friends of Clearview Inc., Preserve Clearview, Kevin and Gail Elwood, Chris and Joan Hoffmann, Michael and Jane Freund, Doug and Janet Caldwell, Chuck and Lee Magwood, Michael Dickinson and many other people deserve praise and congratulations for their successful appeal of the turbine project," Wilson said.


Wilson said the decision by the Tribunal to stop the project was rare instance under the Green Energy Act where local voices were heard. He called for local decision making authority over such proposals to be restored.


"This is one of the very few projects under the Green Energy Act a local community has been able to stop. It is time for local decision making authority over these projects to be restored," he said.


Wilson spent over seven years opposing the project and, at every opportunity, urged the government to respect the local community. 



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