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Wilson asks government to help farmers hit by flooding

(July 4, 2017) – MPP Jim Wilson is calling on the provincial government to offer financial assistance to local farmers facing the total loss of their crops due to flooding caused by heavy rains in recent weeks.

In an open letter to Jeff Leal, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Wilson asks the government to offer help to local farmers affected by the flooding, some of whom have no insurance.

“The rainfall and flooding has caused extensive damage to crops in the south end of my riding,” Wilson said. “I have toured the area personally and can attest that the damage is significant. Farmers have lost hundreds of acres of crop.”

Wilson said local reviews to assess the total damage are ongoing and asked the government to look at the situation immediately.

“I would appreciate if you would review the situation as soon as possible and advise what types of assistance are available to help those impacted,” he wrote to the Minister.



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