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Wilson continues to advocate for cleanup of beachfront in Wasaga Beach

 (June 28, 2017) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson penned an open letter to the Minister of Natural Resources over concerns he continues to hear over the maintenance of the beachfront in Wasaga Beach. Wilson hopes the Minister will act before the summer tourist season heats up.   

“I am writing to you again concerning the state of the beachfront in Wasaga Beach Provincial Park,” wrote Wilson. “As you know, I have raised this issue with the Ministry many times dating back years, and frankly, to what seems like no avail.” 

“Minister, with the summer months now underway the problem has again been underscored … why is the government year after year taking no action?” wrote Wilson.  

Wilson continues to work with the Town of Wasaga Beach and various local advocacy groups to pressure the government into better protection and maintenance of the beachfront.  You can read the full text of his letter to the Minister HERE 

To provide context, here is part of an email Wilson recently received from a constituent.  

One year ago I wrote your group an email regarding the deplorable conditions on New Wasaga Beach off John Street. Conditions have become much worse. It's still a mosquito breeding ground hindering anyone everyone in the area. As well the grounds in the beach is a mess. Please read the letter below from another resident who's among many frustrated by the entire lack of respect being shown. Taxes are increasing and less work is being done.”

 Here is a quote from the letter he refers to,  

“When we first took possession of the property 10 years ago, the beach outside our property was pristine.  The sand was fine and stretched almost from the edge of our property to the water. Over the last several years, the condition of the beach has deteriorated considerably.  Vegetation is taking over the beach which now extends  almost all the way to the water's edge, leaving very little space for people to lounge and enjoy the beach and the water. The beach is no longer groomed as it once was, which has resulted in the accumulation of stones and shells and worse, sand dunes now exist as a barrier between our property and the remaining beach area.”

“At this point, it comes down to getting the Liberal government to act,” said Wilson. “This may be another one of the Liberals backward attempts to save a little to make up for their mismanagement. But, as one of the biggest tourist destinations in Ontario this doesn’t make sense to me or my constituents.”

"Year after year the province has promised to put in new flush toilets, but it has never happened," continued Wilson. "The areas of the beach maintained by the Town of Wasaga Beach are in excellent condition, why can't the province do the same with its beach property?"


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