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VIDEO: Wilson questions the government on unfair taxation for craft distillers

(February 23, 2017) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson rose in the legislature to question the Minister of Finance on why craft distillers in his riding and across the province are being penalized through much higher rates of taxation than craft brewers and wineries, along with other provinces.


Having recently met with two craft distillers in his riding, Wilson spoke about their experience.


“Beattie’s Distillers in my own riding is a potato vodka distillery. Their choice now is they can, and watch this folks, either pay a 139.7% mark up to the LCBO to sell their product, or a 61.5% sales tax, recently added by your government. Those are the highest taxes in the entire nation,” said Wilson.


Wilson went on to point out the tax system in British Columbia as a potential model for Ontario.


“B.C. allows the first 50,000 litres to be sold tax free with no provincial tax…if B.C. can do it and support B.C. farmers, and B.C. products why can’t they do the same in Ontario.”


The Minister used old talking points and would not recognize the discrepancy between brewers and distillers. However, he did acknowledge that talks with craft distillers are ongoing.


Wilson is committed to keeping the pressure on and remains optimistic that the government will eventually do the right thing and support this important industry.


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