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Patrick Brown working hard for Ontarians

(February 6, 2017) As regular readers of my Queen’s Park Reports will know, I often use this space to highlight Liberal waste, scandal, and mismanagement.

My belief is people need to know what the Liberals are doing.

After all, the billions of dollars they’ve wasted is money that’s come out of your pocket.

However, this week I am going a different route. I’m using this space to tell you about my good friend Patrick Brown.

As you are aware, Patrick is the leader of our party. And I have to say he is doing a fantastic job.

Since winning the hard-fought leadership race, Patrick has gone out of his way to meet with people around our great province.

He is listening to what you have to say.

He is learning about the issues you deem important.

And he is hearing about the struggles you face under the Liberals.

Patrick is also working diligently to build relationships with groups and individuals that our party has done a poor job communicating with in the past.

Reaching out to all Ontarians is important if we want to be successful in the 2018 provincial election. As Patrick is fond of saying: there is no monopoly on a good idea.

Over the course of my political career, I’ve known several leaders and I can tell you Patrick is one of the most impressive I’ve come across.

He’s a fiscal conservative, but he is also pragmatic and progressive. In my mind that’s a winning combination.

He wants the best for our province and the people who live here.

Patrick did a terrific job articulating why the government should not sell off Hydro One. But in true Liberal fashion, the government arrogantly refused to listen.

I was even more impressed with the way Patrick called on the government – day after day in Question Period – to do something about Ontario’s skyrocketing electricity rates.

Patrick continues to press the Liberals to do a better job managing the province’s energy file.

Because of Patrick’s outreach, he’s hearing daily how the province’s mishandling of the electricity system is hurting families, businesses, and job creation.

Patrick is also doing a phenomenal job highlighting how Liberal incompetence has led to cuts in the health care sector and a lack of funds for capital projects. There are several hospitals in our province – Collingwood and Alliston included – in need of redevelopment. Patrick has toured both our local hospitals and seen firsthand the need for investment in them.

Patrick has stood up for Ontarians in other ways, too.

His hard work, along with efforts of fellow PC members, caused Kathleen Wynne to backpedal on cuts to autism therapy for children, as well as plans to close schools for deaf, blind, and severely disabled students.

More than anything, however, I am impressed with Patrick’s overall work ethic. He comes from an extremely hard working family that believes in the value of public service.

In Patrick’s case, he’s served on Barrie city council, as a federal MP, and now as an MPP and leader of the Ontario PC Party.

If you want to see Patrick in action, and get to know him better, I highly recommend you follow him on Facebook or Twitter.

Every day he posts content to these social media channels and that will give you a strong sense of what he’s working on.

You’ll learn who he is meeting with, his thoughts about important issues, and you’ll see clips of him grilling the government during Question Period.

Patrick is a leader and he is a winner.

And I believe he’ll be a terrific Premier of Ontario.

We need to rally around Patrick and stay focused on defeating the Grits in 2018.

Ontarians can’t afford any further Liberal waste, scandal, and mismanagement.

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