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Liberal bungling again impacts health care system

(January 12, 2017) For years now we’ve been saying that Liberal math doesn’t add up.

On Tuesday, the province’s Financial Accountability Office provided another example of Liberal fiscal incompetence.

Ontario’s financial watchdog released a report on the health care sector that found the Liberals will have to cut spending by $2.8-billion by 2019 in order to meet balanced budget targets.

The budget shortfall works out to $400-million for 2016-2017, $900-million in 2017-2018, and $1.5-billion for 2018-2019.

As the Toronto Sun noted, the report also raises questions about the sustainability of the province’s current health spending, especially as Ontario’s population ages.

PC Health Critic Jeff Yurek said the report once again confirms the Wynne Liberals are attempting to balance the budget on the backs of patients and health care providers.

Unfortunately, years of Liberal waste, mismanagement, and scandal has resulted in chronic underfunding and cuts to our health care system.

We see the fallout from bad Liberal decision-making every day with overcrowding at our hospitals, the lack of available family doctors, and the unimaginable waitlists for surgery, mental health services, and long-term care beds.

The bleak picture painted by the Financial Accountability Office’s report is cause for great concern.

The report shows the high quality care and level of service Ontarians need, and so rightly deserve, will become increasingly impossible to provide.

Instead of taking steps to ensure the viability of our health care system, the Wynne Liberals have wasted billions on failed electronic health records, and have prioritized the growth of unnecessary health care bureaucracy at the expense of frontline patient services.

The only way that Premier Wynne can hope to plug the $2.8-billion hole in the government’s budget is to continue with cuts to the health care sector. Sadly, by going this route the Liberals are punishing patients in desperate need of care.

Health Minister Eric Hoskins, in true Liberal fashion, says the federal government must provide more cash to address the pressure the provincial health care system is facing.

With Liberals, the “give us more money,” mantra is always the go-to play in their handbook. That’s why they like creating new taxes and user fees so much.

While additional money from Ottawa would certainly be nice, so would competent management of the provincial health care system.

Time and again this Liberal government has proven it simply isn’t up to the job of governing. As Ontarians have found out over and over, services aren’t there when needed.

The Liberals can back-peddle and finger-point all they want but the fact remains the Financial Accountability Office provides independent analysis on the province’s finances. They’ve given the government yet another warning.

The question now is: What will the Liberals do to ensure Ontario’s health care system doesn’t continue to suffer?

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