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Auditor general’s report highlights more shameful Liberal mismanagement

(December 1, 2016) Yesterday, Ontario's auditor general, Bonnie Lysyk, released her annual report on the provincial government, and as expected it paints a disturbing picture.

It's clear the Wynne Liberal government is tired, negligent, and simply not capable of providing the most basic services that Ontarians expect and deserve.

What's worse is 13 years' worth of Liberal waste and mismanagement is costing millions of dollars that could be going to programs and services that would support Ontario families and vulnerable citizens.

On the health care front, the auditor general found that 13 years and $8-billion later, the government still can't tell Ontarians when whey will have functional electronic health records, or how much the service will actually cost.

And thanks to Liberal dithering, Ontario is falling behind other jurisdictions when it comes to digital health.

The auditor general's report also found that Liberal mismanagement has caused chronic underfunding of our hospitals.

Nine years of underfunding, and four years of frozen hospital budgets, has meant patients are waiting hours for life-saving surgeries, operating rooms are going unused, and patients are stuck in hospital beds when what many require is a nursing home bed or improved home care support services.

Liberal bungling of the health care file is simply disgraceful. It means Ontarians aren't getting the care they deserve.

In Simcoe-Grey, we badly need a new hospital in Alliston, as well as in Collingwood, but there is no clear indication from the Liberals on when these projects will be approved.

Of course, it's not just our province's health care sector that's suffering under this government.

The Liberals are also showing their stunning incompetence when it comes to building new roads in Ontario.

The auditor general reported that some contractors are paving our highways with substandard asphalt. But instead of finding new contractors, the Wynne Liberals are giving these contractors second and third chances.

Can you believe that? It boggles my mind.

Government advertising was another area the auditor general targeted. She noted that while Premier Kathleen Wynne and her ministers cut frontline funding, they managed to find $20-million for self-congratulatory advertisements.

Clearly, this government is more concerned with its political interests than the interests of Ontarians.

Meanwhile, the auditor general also reported the Wynne Liberals spend more than $1-billion a year on skills development programs without knowing what the jobs of today and tomorrow will be. That's just unimaginable.

Sadly, on a related note, youth unemployment remains well above the national average, yet the Liberals have not got a credible plan in place to deal with this issue.

I can assure you the Ontario PC Caucus will continue to hold the government to account for Ontario's growing skills gap. If our province is going to lead the way in this country, we need to have properly trained people ready to work.

Now, I imagine that none of what the auditor general reported is really that surprising if you've been following this government over the years.

But the Liberals' disgraceful mismanagement of provincial affairs does warrant pointing out – if only to serve as a reminder that their bad behavior should not be rewarded when Ontarians go to the polls in 2018.

Jim Wilson is the Progressive Conservative MPP for Simcoe-Grey.

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