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Health Minister blames everyone but his own

(October 20, 2016) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson is angered by the callous disregard shown for his constituents by Health Minister Eric Hoskins.

On Thursday, during Question Period, Wilson asked Hoskins why people in Simcoe-Grey have to wait so long to get the surgical care they need.

But rather than answer the question, Hoskins said the job of determining surgical priority rests with local health officials.

"He completely threw my constituents and our hard-working local health care providers under the bus with that answer," Wilson said. "He offered no hope. When I was Minister of Health and I learned about these types of situations I did my utmost to find a solution."

During Question Period, Wilson shared two stories with the minister. One involves Mr. Robbie Ross of Collingwood.

"Recently, Mr. Robbie Ross of Collingwood wrote me to say that he requires knee replacement surgery. Mr. Ross met with his orthopedic surgeon at Collingwood G&M Hospital, who told him the joint surgery budget is used up for this year. Mr. Ross is now on a waiting list and the fiscal year for the surgery doesn't start until April 2017."

Wilson said the situation is unacceptable, noting it signifies how the government's wasteful spending, mismanagement and scandal has harmed the health care sector.

The other story Wilson shared involves Lisa Henderly, a Wasaga Beach resident who needs hip surgery but has to wait until next year because there is no money left in the joint surgery budget at G&M Hospital. She too recently wrote Wilson.

"It's disgraceful that my constituents have to suffer because of the Liberal government's mismanagement," Wilson said after Question Period. "They need to stop wasting money on Liberal consultants and spend it on health care."

Click on the clip to watch the full exchange in the legislature.


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