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MPP Wilson stands up for farmers

(September 15, 2016) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP and Ontario PC House Leader Jim Wilson asked the Liberal Government what it's doing for farmers affected by a drought that has struck the southern and eastern regions of Ontario.

"Farmers are saying this drought is 'burning off their crop and livelihoods.' Recent rains have come too late to help. For many farmers the 2016 growing season will be a year to forget," said MPP Wilson during Question Period. "Summer rain fall is highly variable in Ontario. That's always the case. But this year instead of some farmers getting a little and others a lot, it's been a case of some getting a little and others getting nothing."

MPP Wilson asked his question days before MPPs from across the province will be meeting with agriculture stakeholders and farmers at the 2016 International Plowing Match.

"Beyond a lack of water many crops have been set back by drought related weed and insect infestations. So the drought is making it tougher to fight weeds and insects but your government is banning neonics, making it even tougher for farmers," Wilson concluded. "I know rural issues are rarely on this government's mind, but farmers feed cities. Will this government promise they won't turn their backs on our farmers? What are they doing for those that need our help?"


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