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Wilson provides information on government programs and services available to help during COVID-19

(April 5, 2020) Dear Friends: I hope you are all keeping well. It’s been three weeks since we were told to self-isolate and the good news is that projections released by the government on Friday, although stark, tell us that our efforts are working. You can read the full report HERE.

Governments are acting quickly and decisively to protect the health and wellbeing of all Ontarians, in addition to ensuring that support is readily available. They are taking advice from various sectors and associations to best help those impacted. Please know that it’s likely that more help will become available as the situation evolves.

Below, I have put together a list of some of the government programs and services that are currently available in an effort to help you get through this difficult time. I have also included information that my offices are often asked about. Additionally, I urge you to refer to both the provincial and federal government websites for all up-to-date information,  and My offices are also open for phone call and email inquiries if you’re not able to find help online. They can be reached at 705-446-1090 (Collingwood) or 705-435-4087 (Alliston).

Nobody knows how long this pandemic will last. The most important thing we can do right now is stay home and physically distant ourselves from others who may be more vulnerable. 

This is a trying time for the world, but the reality is that we will get through it. I am so appreciative of all the offers of support I have received through my office and I would just like to profoundly thank everyone for doing their part during this difficult time.    

Please continue to take care of yourselves. We can all take comfort in the fact that we are in this together.


Jim Wilson, MPP


An updated list of essential workplaces, CLICK HERE

Offers of assistance and/or ideas can be submitted through an online portal, If you need help making an online submission you can call, 1-888-777-0554.

Report price gouging related to COVID-19, CLICK HERE

Mental health and addiction supports online and phone-in, CLICK HERE

Emergency childcare for health care workers and front line staff, CLICK HERE



Financial and economic support for individuals

The latest on federal help for individuals, CLICK HERE

The latest on provincial help for seniors, parents, students, workers, indigenous peoples and vulnerable people, CLICK HERE

The latest on social services relief funding, CLICK HERE. This means that people who do not qualify for federal financial assistance programs can apply for financial help through Ontario Works (LINK HERE) or by phone (705) 722-3132. Current Social Assistance clients will have additional resources available to them which can be accessed through their case worker.

The latest on the Residential Relief Fund to support programming that helps people with special needs, gender based violence and indigenous peoples, CLICK HERE


Financial and economic support for businesses

The latest on federal support for businesses and farmers, CLICK HERE

The latest on provincial help for business, CLICK HERE

Stop the spread business information Ontario phone line (1-888-444-3659), CLICK HERE

Ontario Together Fund to support the development of essential equipment and supplies, CLICK HERE


Electricity relief

The latest on electricity relief for families, small businesses and farms, CLICK HERE



The latest on rent changes,

The latest on mortgage deferrals: Canadian banks have announced that mortgage payments can be deferred for up to six months.  Talk to your bank for more information. 

The Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing recently made the following statement on renters and landlords, CLICK HERE.


School closures

The latest on primary and secondary student school closures and Learn at Home information, CLICK HERE

The latest on post-secondary student loan relief, CLICK HERE


Need a job? 

The Government of Ontario has launched a new web portal to connect workers with employers looking to fill positions in the agri-food sector. CLICK HERE.

Wilson attends Ontario Legislature to pass economic statement and COVID-19 action plan into law

economic statement 2020 covid 19 2.jpg WEBSITE
(March 25, 2020) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was one of the Members at Queen’s Park today to pass the March 2020 Economic and Fiscal Update. The document provides a one-year fiscal plan to tackle current uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and is the government’s first step in its response to the pandemic. A multi-year budget will also be introduced no later than November 15.
The legislation includes $17 billion in additional resources including increases to health care, education and social services along with direct support and tax relief for people and jobs.
You can read a list of key initiatives in the government’s press release HERE.
A full list of expenditures can be found in the budget document HERE.
“I was happy to vote in favour of the economic statement and associated legislation today,” said Wilson. “I want to commend the Premier and the government for showing such great leadership in this time of crisis. I also want to thank Dr. David Williams, Chief Medical Officer of Health Ontario, and our local officers of health, Dr. Charles Gardner for Simcoe Muskoka and Dr. Ian Arra for Grey Bruce, along with all of those providing essential front line services, for the absolute great job they are doing. I applaud these people and I applaud the steps being taken today to tackle this pandemic”

(VIDEO) Wilson raises issue of accessibility funding for Clearview’s small halls in Ontario Legislature

(March 10, 2020) Today in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson asked the government about funding for municipalities struggling to make accessibility upgrades to their community small halls as mandated by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act.


Wilson raised the matter after meeting with Clearview Township Mayor Doug Measures who explained that the municipality estimates the cost of accessibility upgrades to their seven small halls to be in the range of $6 to $8 million.


The Official Hansard of Wilson’s remarks is below:



Many small towns across the province are struggling to make accessibility upgrades to their community halls.


The Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act has created accessibility standards that all levels of government, including municipalities, must comply with by 2025.


Clearview Township in my riding has seven community small halls. These halls serve as gathering places for community events where people can socialize and play cards or mark important occasions like birthdays, weddings and family reunions. Clearview’s small halls are the heart of their communities and form the foundation of the Township’s agricultural heritage. 


Clearview Township founded The Small Halls Festival in 2014, which is held every year in October and features a number of community concerts and events.


Mr. Speaker, Clearview estimates the cost of accessibility upgrades to their seven small halls to be in the range of $6 to 8 million. The township wants to know what will happen if the 2025 deadline is missed—will the Township have to close the Halls or will the Ontario government help them to keep them open, will there be any stopgap measures that can be undertaken that would allow the municipality to prioritize renovations. These are just some of the questions the municipality has posed.


While the Township values these facilities and wants to do the right thing to keep them open, the costs may be too prohibitive.


These buildings are important to the communities they serve; they are the lifeblood of rural Ontario in the areas they serve; and, they are significant to my riding and, as such, I look forward to the government’s response to this important issue. 




Wilson questions government over funding for lifesaving cystic fibrosis medication

(February 26, 2020) Today, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was joined at Queen’s Park by his constituents Jamie Larocque, Sasha Haughian, Beth Vanstone and Madi Vanstone along with cystic fibrosis advocates from across Ontario to question the government on the province’s willingness to fund lifesaving medication to treat the disease. Wilson also held a press conference earlier in the day with Dr. Elizabeth Tullis, Director of the Toronto Adult Cystic Fibrosis Clinic at St. Michael’s Hospital, and Chris MacLeod, Chair of the Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Treatment Society.

“I first raised this issue five years ago when I was approached by Beth Vanstone from Beeton who at the time was seeking funding for a drug called Kalydeco for her daughter Madi.  Madi eventually received the medication and is now doing well, but there are multiple variations of the medication to treat this disease depending on the gene mutation of each individual patient,” said Wilson. “Each drug must go through its own approval process, which can take years under the current drug approval system.”

Wilson’s request is to improve the rare drug strategy process and in the meantime help people who need access to medication now, like two young boys from Tottenham, Andre and Joshua Larocque, who he also mentioned in question period.

“When the two brothers had a cold recently, the boy on the drug trial was able to shake the cold like a normal child would; the boy who wasn’t on the drug trial was sick for weeks. He coughed nonstop for hours and days at a time. He coughed up blood and lost significant weight. His lung function dropped by over 20%,” said Wilson. “Every time this 7-year-old gets a simple cold, he loses more lung function. He will eventually become resistant to antibiotics and require lengthy hospitalizations and he could and very much probably will ultimately need a lung transplant without drugs like Kalydeco, Orkambi and other gene-modulating drugs.”

In addition to his comments earlier in the day, Wilson had the following advice for the government: “In my 30 years as an MPP and as a former Health Minister, every rare disease drug that is ever mentioned in the legislature ultimately ends up receiving public coverage. The government knows it will end up paying for these medications, therefore they should be proactive in their funding so people like the Larocque boys in my riding and other Ontarians don’t continue to suffer.” 

Wilson would like to thank Madi and Beth Vanstone along with Sasha Haughian and Jamie Larocque for coming to Queen’s Park today.  He felt their presence made a real difference by garnering a great deal of media interest. 

You can watch a video of Jim questioning the Minister of Health on the issue here, 

You can watch a video of the press conference on the issue here,


cf meeting before pc feb 2020.jpg WEBISTEbeth and madi vanstone cf feb 2020.jpg WEBSITEjim with media cf feb 2020.jpg WEBISTE

(VIDEO) Wilson continues to pressure government over hospital redevelopment approvals

(February 24, 2020) Today in the Ontario Legislature, Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson encouraged all Members of the House to support his Private Members' Resolution to be debated this Thursday, February 27 in support of the two hospitals in his riding.


You can read the full text of Wilson’s statement below:


“I rise today to encourage all Members of this House to support my private members resolution this Thursday, February 27.  The resolution asks the government to immediately approve the redevelopments and construction of both the Collingwood General and Marine Hospital and Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston.


I’ve raised this matter several times over many years. To remind Members of the real need for these projects, I recently sent a letter to all MPPs that included a list of the serious deficiencies at each hospital.  The problems stem from the fact that these are old buildings, their systems are outdated and they are simply out of space. These are hospitals that have had virtually nothing done to them since they were built 50 and 60 years ago.


I would also like to point out that during my 30 years as an MPP, all of the hospitals surrounding my riding have either been extensively redeveloped or had new builds. Owen Sound received a new hospital; Barrie has had two new hospitals built and has just submitted plans for a third hospital; a new hospital has been built in Orangeville; Midland Hospital has had extensive upgrades; Newmarket has had several hundred millions of dollars of upgrades over the past 30 years.


Mr. Speaker, I am thankful to the Minister of Health for including both Alliston and Collingwood hospitals in last year’s Ontario Budget and P3 Market Update. To date, Stevenson Memorial has received Stage 1 approval and was given the green light to move to Stage 2. The Collingwood Hospital is still waiting to hear from the government on their Stage 1 submission.


The hospitals need to get moving to the next stages of redevelopment and I encourage all Members of this House to support my resolution when it is debated in the House later this week.




Jim meets with Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit

SMDHU meeting Nov 2019.jpg WEBSITE 2(November 26, 2019) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was pleased to meet with Anita Dubeau, Board Chair, and Ralph Cipolla, Vice Chair, from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit.  One program discussed was Ontario's new free routine dental care program for low-income seniors. More information about this program can be found here, .

Jim meets with Southbridge Care Homes

southbridge meeting nov 2019.jpg WEBSITE 2(November 26, 2019) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson met with Richard Franzke from Southbridge Care Homes and His Worship Alar Soever, Mayor of the Town of The Blue Mountains, last week concerning a new long term care proposal for Thornbury. Long-term care is one of the biggest issues Wilson and his offices deal with and he is pleased this government is addressing the issue.

Jim meets with Vertex Pharmaceuticals for second time

vertex catherine cunningham Dec 4 2019.jpg WEBSITE 2(December 4, 2019) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson was pleased to once again meet with Catherine Cunningham from Vertex Pharmaceuticals concerning funding for cystic fibrosis medications. 18 other countries provide public access to these gene modulating drugs. Wilson believes it's time Canada follows suit and creates a strategy to approve rare disease drugs.

Jim meets with Ontario Harness Horse Association

harness horse association Dec 4 2019.jpg WEBSITE 2(December 4, 2019) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson met with Jim Whelan and Brian Tropea from the Ontario Harness Horse Association. The end of the Slots at Racetracks Program had a devastating impact on the breeding and racing industries. The Ford Government has recognized the need to revive the program, but Wilson believes more needs to be done to ensure the program is benefiting horse people in our local communities.

Jim meets with TC Energy

TC Energy Dec 4 2019.jpg WEBSITE 2
(December 4, 2019) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson had an informative meeting with Andrew Mitchell and Sara Beasley from TC Energy about a proposed energy storage facility for Meaford. The company is currently undertaking a feasibility study for the project and hopes to begin environmental assessments in the spring. TC Energy is hosting a number of open houses to talk about the project. Dates are available at the following link, .

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  306. VIDEO: Wilson raises need for Wasaga high school
  307. VIDEO: Wilson delivers Christmas Tree Day statement
  308. Interesting Q&A with kids at Admiral Collingwood
  309. Meeting with officials at RVH in Barrie
  310. Nice update with My Friend's House
  311. Good meeting with OPPI reps at Queen's Park
  312. Visiting with constituents at Queen's Park
  313. VIDEO: Wilson demands help for local land lease communities
  314. Meeting with Wasaga residents
  315. It's flu shot season
  316. Planning for Alliston hospital redevelopment continues
  317. VIDEO: Remembering wartime efforts in Simcoe-Grey
  318. New land transfer tax powers will hurt Ontarians
  319. Lunch supports Hockley Hall
  320. Meeting in Essa with Alisa Vegter
  321. Wilson visits with page Samuel Martin-Chase
  322. VIDEO: Wilson introduces New Tecumseth hydro resolution
  323. Premier Wynne, are you listening?
  324. Hydro hike hurts Ontarians
  325. Hydro sale a bad idea: FAO report
  326. Proud to celebrate two new Habitat homes in Collingwood
  327. Wilson meets with Dairy Farmers of Ontario
  328. September job numbers reflect Liberal incompetence
  329. Congratulations to Walker Aggregates
  330. Celebrating with Collingwood's Elsie Cruickshank
  331. Wilson seeks answers on Clearview turbine project
  332. VIDEO: More support for expansion of Alliston hospital
  333. Fun day at Elmvale Fall Fair
  334. Wilson pleased to attend Friends of Simon Wiesenthal dinner
  335. VIDEO: Wilson calls on government to fund Matthews House Hospice
  336. Wynne ruining Ontario one bad decision at a time
  337. Watching our firefighters at work
  338. Liberals allowing CCAC system to suffer
  339. Liberals running roughshod over Ontarians
  340. VIDEO: Wilson calls for Alliston hospital redevelopment funding
  341. VIDEO: Wilson fights for constituent’s health care needs
  342. Liberal pension scheme hurts Ontario
  343. Meeting with G&M Hospital
  344. Merchant Navy Day in Collingwood
  345. Let's show our support for Stevenson Memorial
  346. Wilson marks Liberal physiotheraphy cuts in Midland
  347. Thanks to our peacekeepers
  348. Jim Meets with Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Center
  349. Jim Meets with Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport
  350. Wilson Thanks Community for Their Efforts with Reopening Springwater Park
  351. Wilson Urges Premier to Address Crisis in Long-Term Care
  352. Jim Meets with Local Farmers
  353. Noble Insurance Celebrates 70th Anniversary
  354. Kathleen Wynne Fails to Deliver on Auto Insurance
  355. Wilson Launches Petition for the Redevelopment of SMH
  356. Wilson Attends 6 Hours of Gibraltar Bike Race in Support of My Friend's House
  357. Ontario Faces another Credit Downgrade
  358. Jim Welcomes MPP John Fraser to Matthews House Hospice
  359. Provincial Portion of Hume Street Project Remains Concern for Wilson
  360. Jim Meets With Local Dignitaries to Combat School Closures
  361. Wilson Continues To Fight Against Government Cuts to Physiotherapy for Seniors
  362. Jim Hosts Alliston 50+ Seminar
  363. Pan Am Games Torch - Collingwood
  364. Wilson Congratulates Christmas Tree Farmers Ontario
  365. Pan Am Games Torch - Alliston
  366. Why a Fire Sale of Hydro One Is a Bad Idea
  367. Jim Hosts Collingwood 50+ Seminar
  368. Petition to Lower Hydro Rates
  369. Tecumseth Beeton Elementary School Visits Queen's Park
  370. VIDEO: Liberal Government Continues to Ignore Crisis in Long-Term Care
  371. VIDEO: Wilson’s Christmas Tree Day Legislation Passes!
  372. VIDEO: Wilson Continues to Question Premier Over Fire Sale of Hydro One
  373. Join Jim at His Upcoming 50+ Seminar
  374. Nottawasaga Pines High School Participates in Relay for Life
  375. VIDEO: Liberals Ultimately Responsible for Billing Errors at Hydro One
  376. VIDEO: MPP Jim Wilson Launches Service Club Petition
  377. Energy File Mismanaged By Liberals Out of Touch With Impact
  378. VIDEO: Ontario Hydro Rates Most Expensive and Disastrous for Ontarians
  379. VIDEO: Liberal Dithering on Teacher Negotiations Creating Anxiety for Ontario Parents
  380. VIDEO: Education System In Chaos; Minister Should be Fired
  381. Enough is Enough - Hydro Protest at Queen's Park
  382. Jim Meets with Home Horizon Transitional Support Program
  383. Rural Ontario Medical Program
  384. VIDEO: Wilson Proposes Private Members Bill to Help Veterans Get Jobs with Ontario Government
  385. VIDEO: Liberal Government Out of Touch with Crisis in Long-Term Care
  386. VIDEO: Liberal Road Maintenance Standards Costing Lives
  387. Liberals Stealing Federal Health Transfer Payments to Pay for Fiscal Mismanagement of Ontario Finances
  388. Essa Franchise Forum
  389. VIDEO: Liberal Government to Use Taxpayers' Dollars to Pay for "Campaign Advertising"
  390. Rotary Day
  391. VIDEO: What Happened to the 54 Million Dollars Cut from Health Care in Last Thursday's Budget
  392. MPP Wilson Says Ontarians Can’t Afford Liberal Budget
  393. VIDEO: PC’s Five Budget Requests Key to Beginning Economic Turnaround
  394. VIDEO: Why Won’t Government Stop Gouging People and Take PC Advice?
  395. VIDEO: Liberal Government Turns Back on Consumers with Opportunistic Hydro One Proposal
  396. VIDEO: Watch Jim on CP24
  397. VIDEO: Liberals Plan to Take Hydro One Proceeds, Leave Customers Holding the Debt
  398. VIDEO: Wilson Again Questions Government over Sale of Hydro One
  399. Jim Speaks at Thornton Lions Club
  400. VIDEO: Tribute to former MPP George McCague
  401. VIDEO: Cap and Trade Nothing but Another Tax That Will Raise the Price of Everything
  402. VIDEO: Hydro One Sale Proceeds Must Legally Be Used for Debt Payments
  403. VIDEO: Wilson Asks Follow up Question on Service Club Resolution
  404. VIDEO: Will Premier Introduce Legislation to Limit Third Party Advertising?
  405. Jim Meets with Ontario Legislative Page Aiden Campbell
  406. Liberals Stifling Jobs and Economic Growth
  407. Blue Mountains Seniors Information and Active Living Fair
  408. VIDEO: Wilson Hopeful Government Will Follow Through With Promise to Fund Matthews House Hospice
  409. VIDEO: Wilson Questions Premier on GM Job Losses
  410. We Can’t Accept Liberal Scandals as the Status Quo
  411. VIDEO: Wilson Continues to Question Wynne over Sudbury Scandal
  412. Wilson Helps Celebrate Probus Month in Alliston
  413. VIDEO: Wilson Questions Premier Again Over Sudbury Scandal
  414. Father F. X. O'Reilly School Visits Queen's Park
  415. Jim Meets with Warden of Simcoe County
  416. VIDEO: Jim recognizes Federated Women's Institute of Ontario
  417. VIDEO: Wilson Renews Call for the Government to Equitably Fund Matthews House Hospice
  418. VIDEO: Ontario PC Interim Leader Jim Wilson Speaks in Support of Ontario Farmers
  419. VIDEO: Premier’s Double Standards on OPP Bribery Investigations Questioned
  420. VIDEO: Leadership from Premier Lacking in Sudbury Scandal
  421. VIDEO: Wilson Questions Premier Again Over Bribery Allegations
  422. VIDEO: Ontario PCs Looking for Answers and Resignations Over Bribery Allegations
  423. Premier Needs to Show Integrity by Taking Bribery Scandal Seriously
  424. VIDEO: Wilson Wins Approval for Service Club Resolution
  425. VIDEO: Ontario PCs Demand Resignations of Apparent Law-Breaking Liberals
  426. VIDEO: Premier Wynne Needs to Suspend her Deputy Chief over Suspicion of Bribery
  427. Wiarton Willie Festival
  428. Wilson Hosts Second Meeting to Discuss Dumping at Tottenham Airfield
  429. Ontario PCs Promote Recognition of E-Petitions by Legislature
  430. Jim meets with Ontario's Ombudsman, André Marin
  431. Wilson Reminds Public to Move Over for Stopped Emergency Vehicles
  432. Now Is Not the Time for Another Gasoline Tax
  433. Ontario PCs Launch Petition to Stop the Carbon Tax
  434. Wilson Makes Donation On Behalf Of PCs to Local Women's Shelters
  435. Jim meets with Local Business
  436. Service Clubs Are an Important Part of Our Community
  437. Luena Daley Wins Ontario Senior Achievement Award
  438. CO Detectors Required in All Homes
  439. VIDEO: Premier’s Pattern of Behaviour Let Down Ontario in Fall Legislative Session
  440. VIDEO: Wilson to Wynne: Pull the Plug on Failed Energy Policies
  441. VIDEO: Sir John A. MacDonald Bicentennial
  442. VIDEO: Auditor General's Report Devastating Indictment of Liberal Government: Wilson
  443. Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
  444. Increased Taxes, Cuts to Services and More Debt
  445. Essa Fire Department Hosts Side by Side Burn Demonstration
  446. VIDEO: Support Sprinklers for Rural Ontarians: Wilson
  447. VIDEO: MPP Grinch’s Block Christmas Tree Day: Wilson
  448. Jim Attends Town of New Tecumseth Inaugural Meeting
  449. VIDEO: Jim Continues to Call on Government to Equitably Fund Hospices
  450. Ontario Legislative Page Program
  451. Jim tours Georgian College
  452. Clearview Tea Company Product Now Available in the Queen's Park Gift Shop
  453. VIDEO: Wilson to Wynne: More Government Mismanagement Over SAMS
  454. VIDEO: Wilson Stands Up for Ontario’s Christmas Tree Industry
  455. VIDEO: Wilson Reintroduces Bill to Fight Wind Turbines Proposed Beside Collingwood Airport
  456. VIDEO: Wilson Grills Wynne Over Education Cuts, School Closures
  457. VIDEO: Wilson to Wynne: Restore Municipal Planning Powers over Wind Turbines
  458. Remembrance Day
  459. Statement on Remembrance Day
  460. Jim Signs Petition to “Ground the Flight Tax”
  461. VIDEO: Jim Continues to Question Government on Wind Turbines at Collingwood Airport
  462. VIDEO: Wilson Advocates for Local Family and Pushes for Proper Programming
  463. VIDEO: Ontario PCs Call for Deputy Premier’s Resignation
  464. Jim Meets with Ministry of Environment Officials
  465. VIDEO: Hydro Bills Going Up as Liberals Ignore Bloated Pensions
  466. VIDEO: Wilson Questions Province on Refusal to Provide Disaster Relief for Angus Tornado Victims
  467. Wilson Concerned Over Dumping Activities in Tottenham
  468. VIDEO: Liberal Scandals and Mismanagement Deny Health Care to Ontario's Most Vulnerable
  469. Statement on Shooting in Ottawa
  470. Jim meets with Minister of Natural Resources
  471. VIDEO: Premier Wynne Refuses to Release MaRS Records
  472. Side Launch Brewery Tour
  473. Wilson Launches Petition in Support of Asthma Protection Bill
  474. Wilson Enjoying Job as Interim Leader of Ontario PC Party
  475. Set Targets for Use of Local Agriculture Product in Government Institutions
  476. Jim Attends 2014 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo
  477. Dedication of a Memorial to the Royal Newfoundland Fencible Infantry
  478. Jim meets with Consul General of Pakistan
  479. Flag-raising Ceremony at Queen's Park
  480. The 2014 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo is being held in Simcoe County
  481. Hydro Cash Grab to Continue: Liberals Hide Suspicious Report on Energy Sector Pensions
  482. VIDEO: Wilson Continues Fight against Wind Turbines at Collingwood Airport
  483. VIDEO: Statement on the Collingwood Elvis Festival
  484. VIDEO: Liberal Tax Grab Threatens Small Airports Across Ontario
  485. VIDEO: Wilson Continues to Call on Government to Equitably Fund Hospices
  486. VIDEO: Jim Presents More Physiotherapy Petitions
  487. VIDEO: Wilson Reintroduces Christmas Tree Legislation
  488. Liberal Budget Fails Ontario
  489. Statement on the Passing of Former MPP George R. McCague
  490. Liberal Throne Speech Takes Ontario in the Wrong Direction
  491. Jim Wilson elected as Interim Leader of Ontario PC Party
  492. Thank You Simcoe-Grey
  493. Wilson Tours Angus to View Aftermath of Tornado
  494. MPP Wilson Responds to Liberals Reckless Budget
  495. VIDEO: Liberals Still Refuse to Fund Life-Saving Medication for 12 Year Old Girl
  496. Jim Meets with Financial Advisors Association
  497. Wilson Introduces Petition to Address Discrepancy in Hospice Funding
  498. MPP Wilson Launches 'Stop Gouging Hydro Rates' Campaign
  499. MPP Jim Wilson Looks for Advice on Angling and Hunting Issues in Simcoe-Grey
  500. VIDEO: Liberals Cuts to Physiotherapy Hurting Seniors: Wilson
  501. Jim Meets with Ontario Medical Students Association
  502. Wilson Joins Dunlop for Skilled Trades Overview Tour Stop in Wasaga Beach
  503. Former Finance Minister Jim Flaherty Passes Away at 64
  504. VIDEO: Wilson Questions Liberals on Funding for Collingwood Hospital
  505. Attorney General Victim Services Awards
  506. VIDEO: Wilson Advocates for Fair Hospice Funding in Ontario
  507. Wilson Introduces Legislation to Recognize Rural Industry
  508. Beaver Valley Rocks Celebrity Curling Match
  509. MPP Jim Wilson Wants to Hear From Local Businesses
  510. Errinrung Residence Hosts a Staff Appreciation Day!
  511. VIDEO: Wilson Continues to Advocate for Drug Coverage of Kalydeco for Madi Vanstone
  512. VIDEO: Where is Liberal Jobs Plan?
  513. Wilson and Dunlop to Host Trades Town Hall in Simcoe-Grey
  514. Wilson Committed to Restoring Horse Racing Industry in Ontario
  515. VIDEO: Wilson Introduces Petition for 12 Year Old Madi Vanstone
  516. VIDEO: Ontario Healthcare System Failing 12 Year Old Madi Vanstone: McGuinty-Wynne Liberals Continue to Refuse Lifesaving Treatment
  517. VIDEO: McGuinty-Wynne Liberals Continue to Refuse Treatment to 12 Year Old Madi Vanstone
  518. VIDEO: Wilson extremely disappointed by Premier Wynne’s Callous Refusal to Fund Treatment for 12 Year Old Madi Vanstone
  519. Jim Tours Darlington Nuclear Station
  520. Wilson Attends Wind Rally at Queen's Park
  521. VIDEO: Jim Speaks to Concerns Heard at Agricultural Roundtable
  522. Liberals Energy Boondoggle to Continue
  523. Jim Congratulates Goodall on Grand Opening of New Location
  524. Jim Speaks to Wasaga Beach Rotary
  525. Wilson, Dunlop and Hardeman to Host Agriculture Roundtable in Simcoe-Grey
  526. Wilson Outraged with Approval for Wind Turbines at Collingwood Airport
  527. Hydro Rates Going Up AGAIN
  528. Wilson Continues Fight to Regain Access to Shale Beach
  529. Jim Meets with Hospice Palliative Care Ontario
  530. VIDEO: Wilson Advocates for Fair Hospice Funding
  531. VIDEO: Wilson Congratulates Alliston Hospital on Recognition in Canadian Business Journal
  532. VIDEO: Still No Promised Jobs Plan From 'Clearing The Decks’
  533. VIDEO: Wilson Congratulates Collingwood Hospital on Outstanding Recognition
  534. Jim meets with the Canadian Sikh Association
  535. Jim speaks at Collingwood Chamber of Commerce power lunch
  536. Economic Update Shows Liberals to Keep Racking Up Debt
  537. VIDEO: Wilson Goes to Bat for Seniors Unable to Afford Medical Supplies
  538. Jim wears green for 4H day
  539. Jim meets with Chicken Farmers of Ontario
  540. VIDEO: Wilson Confronts Liberals on Wind Turbine Being Built in Residential Neighbourhood
  541. VIDEO: Wilson Stands Up for Snowmobile Clubs as Liberals Move to Cut Off Access to Hydro Corridors
  542. VIDEO: PCs Continues to Fight for Prompt Payment Legislation
  543. Jim meets with Ontario Convenience Store Stakeholders
  544. Liberals can no longer be trusted to govern: Hudak
  545. Wilson Pleased to Support New Trades Legislation: Bill 118, No New Tax for Businesses Act
  546. Liberals Keen to Consult, but Have No Plan for Jobs or Economy
  547. Jim congratulates Norma Friest
  548. VIDEO: Wilson Outraged with Liberals Decimation of Horse Racing Industry
  549. VIDEO: Wilson Joins Hudak to Call for Judicial Inquiry over Gas Plant Scandal
  550. Liberal Government Responsible for another $1.1 Billion Scandal
  551. VIDEO: Wilson Talks Impact of Low Water Levels in Georgian Bay
  552. Wilson Continues His Fight for Pensions of Public Sector Employees Affected by Past Public Sector Divestments
  553. Understanding Your Hydro Bill
  554. VIDEO: Jim meets with Barrie Construction Association and Council of Ontario Construction Associations
  555. VIDEO: Jim questions Premier on programming motion
  556. Jim appears on Sun News with Anita Sharma
  557. Developmental Disabilities Ignored by Liberals
  558. Wilson Continues to Push for Outstanding Pension Regulations
  559. Essa Historical Society Unveils Plaque Commemorating Founding of Utopia
  560. Ontario must get Its Fiscal House in Order Before it is Too Late
  561. Grand Re-Opening of Tim Hortons (Hume Street)
  562. Jim attends local BBQ
  563. Patricia Midlebrook celebrates 70 years
  564. Jim Presents Trillium Funding in Creemore
  565. Tax Breaks for Farmers, Food for Ontario Families
  566. Liberal-NDP Coalition Lie to Ontarians about Auto Insurance
  567. Carly Patterson Memorial Golf Tournament
  568. Campbell House Brakes Ground
  569. Wilson pleased to support Georgian Bay Mayors and 'Stop the Drop' to launch Mayors' Challenge
  570. Ontario's Debt Clock Keeps Ticking
  571. Ontario Needs a New Economic and Jobs Plan says Wilson
  572. Wilson Wants to Promote Midwifery Services
  573. Wilson Thanks Community for Their Efforts with Traffic Signals
  574. Liberals Disallows Summer Select Committee on Developmental Services
  575. Hamilton Family Donates 150 Acres of Land
  576. Wilson Calls on Minister to Stop Physiotherapy Service Cuts
  577. Wilson Introduces Petition to Re-Open Blue Mountains Shale Beach
  578. NDP Prop Up a Corrupt Liberal Government
  579. Physiotherapy Petition
  580. Grand Opening of Oasis By The Bay Vacation Resort
  581. Jim Hosts Annual Seniors' Seminar
  582. Wilson: Liberals Energy Announcement Nothing But Hot Air
  583. Jim Meets with Delegates from Kingdom of Lesotho
  584. Jim Meets with Founder of ‘Stop the Drop’ Campaign
  585. Wilson Debates Liberal-NDP Coalition Budget
  586. Wilson Introduces Petition against Physiotherapy Cuts
  587. Wilson: Physiotherapy Cuts Will Have a Devastating Impact on Seniors
  588. Liberals and NDP Team Up to Silence Ontario Taxpayers
  589. Grand Opening of the Collingwood Community Food Co-op
  590. Wilson Blasts Liberal-NDP Coalition Budget Deal
  591. Wilson Thanks Local Physicians
  592. You're invited to Jim's Annual 50 Plus Seminar
  593. Wilson: Liberal-NDP Coalition Hiding From Accountability
  594. A Confident Government Shouldn't Be Afraid of a Confidence Motion
  595. Jim helps Warden Cal Patterson advance local concerns at Queen’s Park
  596. Scandals Leave Ontarians with No Confidence in Liberal Government
  597. Jim joins Tim Hudak and Steve Clark to demand accountability over gas plant scandal
  598. Wilson Congratulates the Lions and Lioness Clubs on their 50th and 35th Anniversaries
  599. Wilson Questions Lack of Action from Liberal Government over Declining Water Levels in Great Lakes
  600. Jim Stops by Midwives Nottawasaga
  601. Liberals Have Lost the Moral Authority to Govern
  602. Wilson to Premier: It is time to test the confidence of this House
  603. Ontarians Need Confidence in Government – And our Future
  604. McGuinty-Wynne Liberals -- Putting Their Party Before Taxpayers
  605. Wilson talks ramifications of GEA and Demands Answers over Wind Turbines proposed near Airport
  606. Press Conference on Green Energy Act
  607. Jim has Local Constituents to Queen's Park
  608. Hydro Rates Set to Skyrocket, Again
  609. Wilson Applauds Local Teacher for Unique Approach to Fundraising
  610. Trades Tax Must be Stopped
  611. Wilson Makes Statement about Closure of Springwater Park
  612. NEWS ALERT - Jackson Makes Statement on Springwater Park Closure
  613. PC Party Plan for a Better Rural Ontario
  614. Jim Met with Canadian Federation of Students Ontario
  615. Liberals Continue to Do Nothing to Confront Jobs and Spending Crisis
  616. Paths to Prosperity: Respect for Rural Ontario
  617. Jim met with Midwives Nottawasaga
  618. Wilson Challenges Premier on Wind Turbines Proposed near the Collingwood Regional Airport
  619. Legislative Page Program
  620. Watch Jim on The Source with Ezra Levant talking about wind turbines
  621. Wilson Introduces More Petitions to Call for a Moratorium on Wind Turbine Developments
  622. Wilson Introduces More Petition to Urge the Continued Operation of Springwater Provincial Park
  623. Gas Plant Scandal - What are the Liberals hiding?
  624. Jim Wilson Signs Pledge To Stop The Trades Tax
  625. NEWS ALERT: Wind turbines in Collingwood will create perfect storm (Toronto Sun)
  626. Wilson continues to push for outstanding pension regulations for local workers
  627. Wilson Introduces Petition that Urges the Continued Operation of Springwater Provincial Park
  628. Wilson Introduces Petition that Calls for a Moratorium on Wind Turbine Developments
  629. That’s Wynne’s Story and She’s Sticking to It
  630. Wilson to Wynne: Allow Select Committee into Gas Plant Scandal
  631. Wilson Introduces Legislation to Restore Local Control over Wind and Solar Projects
  632. Jim joined his PC colleagues today to urge investigations into cancelation of gas plants
  634. Ontario’s Debt Nightmare has Surpassed Even America’s Most Indebted State
  635. Liberal Minister Admits to Making a Mistake with Decision to End the Slots at Racetracks Partnership
  636. Liberals ignore the facts by introducing a more stringent Drive Clean test
  637. Liberal Leadership Candidates Do Not Deserve To Be in Government, Let Alone Running It
  638. So Much for the Goodwill, Wilson says of Teacher Talks
  639. Bogus Email Shows Distrust in McGuinty
  640. Wilson to McGuinty: Back off on Slots at Racetracks Program
  641. Green Energy Act Divides Ontario
  642. McGuinty's 100 days (and counting) of inaction
  643. Issues to follow in 2012
  644. Hudak & Wilson: McGuinty is out of ideas, so he can have ours
  645. CTV News coverage of the push for support services for Jessi Dillon of Nottawa
  646. Action needed on pension legislation: Wilson
  647. Auditor General confirms Wilson’s hydro warnings
  648. Join Jim for his swearing-in ceremony
  649. Collingwood hospital expansion must be a priority: Wilson
  650. Thank you, Simcoe-Grey
  651. Wilson named House Leader of the “government-in-waiting”
  652. Wilson Announces Plan to Give Hydro Relief
  653. Wilson Urges Solution to Hospice Issue
  654. McGuinty Raises Hydro Rates Yet Again
  655. Patient Care Fading Amid Laboratory Closures
  656. Wilson pushes for pension regulations for local workers
  657. Ontario Families Need Relief from Tax and Spend McGuinty Liberals
  658. Stop Talking and Start Fixing Victims’ Justice Fund
  659. Community Update: Stayner Lab to Remain Open
  660. Wilson pushes for Collingwood hospital expansion
  661. Wait for dialysis in Collingwood reaching crisis level
  662. Dialysis Situation Must Be Fixed: Wilson
  663. On hydro bills, families need a chance to catch-up
  664. Advancing Your Concerns at Queen's Park
  665. Tottenham Medical Lab Now Open
  666. Setting Local Priorites: A Year in Review
  667. Wilson Renews Calls for Highway 89 Traffic Lights
  668. Scrap the electronics tax: Wilson
  669. Wilson seeks advice from his top advisors
  670. Wilson to McGuinty: Return Lab to Stayner or Cut LifeLabs funding
  671. Medical Labs Update - December 8, 2010
  672. Wilson on LifeLabs: Don’t be fooled by temporary re-opening
  673. Medical Labs Update - December 1, 2010
  674. Report to the community on medical lab closures
  675. Jim asks Premier McGuinty to reopen medical labs
  676. Wilson remembers Chic Simonato
  677. Wilson Questions Health Minister about Lab Closures
  678. Wilson Wants Debate on Medical Labs
  679. Medical Labs: An Open Letter to Dalton McGuinty
  680. Restore Earned Pension Benefits: Wilson
  681. Ontario Families Want Change
  682. Support MS Liberation Therapy: Wilson
  683. Put Back Stayner's Medical Labs: Wilson
  684. Reveal Hydro Costs says Wilson
  685. HEQCO - What are they hiding?
  686. Wilson Keeps Pushing for Farmers
  687. No Old Age Security Cheques for Prisoners says Wilson
  688. Wilson slams prisoner payments, warns of looming health scandal
  689. We Pay More and We Get Less
  690. Dalton McGuinty's Terrible Summer
  691. Wilson: PCs Will Restore Local Decision Making
  692. Beaver Cleaver and the ‘aww shucks’ moment
  693. Cuts at Collingwood's G&M Hospital Cause for Concern
  694. Liberals Vote ‘No’ to Business Risk Management Program for Farmers
  695. PC Caucus Pushes for Business Risk Management Program
  696. Wilson Tables Resolution to Help Farmers
  697. Wilson Congratulates the Alliston Hornets
  698. Jim Wilson Expresses Support for Rural Pharmacies
  699. Clarksburg or America? Minister needs to get her bins straight
  700. McGuinty takes taxing and spending to a whole new level
  701. McGuinty Drops the Axe on Doctor Recruitment Programs
  702. Health Spending Gone Awry
  703. McGuinty's "Buy Korea Policy" is bad for Ontario
  704. Wilson Calls on Premier to Address Children's Aid Shortfalls
  705. Hydro Bills Set to Skyrocket
  706. Tired of Red Tape?
  707. McGuinty snubs Central Ontario: Wilson
  708. Keeping Busy at Queen's Park
  709. Official Opening of new CT Scanner at Stevenson Memorial
  710. Celebrating Ontario Agriculture Week
  711. Physician Recruitment Programs at Risk says Wilson
  712. McGuinty Refuses to Listen on Auto Insurance
  713. Hudak Gives Wilson Additional Responsibilities
  714. McGuinty Liberals Attack Rural Healthcare
  715. Jim helps the Federated Women's Insitute of Ontario advance its concerns at Queen's Park
  716. Wilson goes to bat for Simcoe County paramedics
  717. Red tape blamed for stalled job plan
  718. Important Changes to the Highway Traffic Act
  719. Wilson pushes for new Simcoe-Grey Long-Term Care Beds
  720. New WSIB Legislation Concerns Small Business
  721. McGuinty Spends Ontario Into a Deficit: Wilson
  722. My fight to create jobs for young people
  723. Local Long-Term Care Waiting Lists Growing
  724. Animal Cruelty Laws Need More Work
  725. Time for a new economic plan says Wilson
  726. Ontario Job Losses
  727. Invest in long-term care says Wilson
  728. Let's Introduce a Ban on Bans
  729. Wilson Congratulates Stevenson Memorial Hospital
  730. C. difficile Costing More Lives than SARS
  731. How did sex-change operations become a healthcare priority?
  732. Doctor Shortage Getting Worse
  733. Apprenticeship Ratios Keeping Students Unemployed
  734. Time to bring the Legislature into the 21st Century
  735. Wilson Congratulates Citizen of the Year George McCague
  736. Wilson Introduces Lord's Prayer Petition
  737. University Class Sizes the Worst in Canada says Wilson
  738. Wilson Speaks about Wasaga Beach during Legislative Debate
  739. Wilson Pays Tribute to Cameron Street Public School
  740. Wilson Explains Hype Surrounding Business Taxes
  741. Wilson to McGuinty: Fix Apprenticeship Ratios to Create Jobs
  742. Wilson Congratulates the Alliston Hornets
  743. Petition to Save Angus Early Years Centre
  744. Wilson Promoted to Deputy Speaker
  745. Wilson Raises Questions About Hwy 89 Warning Light
  746. Supporting Responsible Pet Ownership
  747. Wilson Congratulates George McCague
  748. Wilson Delivers $108,000 for Habitat for Humanity
  749. Wilson Introduces Motion to Re-Start Hwy 26
  750. Stevenson Memorial Hospital Birthing Unit Rally
  751. Wilson Gets Results on Wrong-Way Sign Legislation
  752. Getting Results for April Sobisch and Owen Eisses
  753. Private Member's Bills Help Get Results


Ontario's Debt Clock