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DriveTest Strike Needs to Stop: Wilson

CLICK 'READ MORE' FOR ADDITIONAL VIDEOS (November 30, 2009) As hundreds marched on the lawns at Queen’s Park, Progressive Conservative MPP Jim Wilson (Simcoe-Grey) asked the Deputy Premier if the McGuinty Government would intervene and end the DriveTest strike that has entered its 16th week.

“Given the Premier’s failure to act,” asked Wilson, “is it the intention of this government to put 10,000 driving instructors out of work, truck drivers out of business, and small businesses into bankruptcy?”

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Driving school instructors circled Queen’s Park in their vehicles this morning, while hundreds more gathered on the front lawn to protest the Premier’s failure to intervene in the labour dispute. They implored the McGuinty Government to intervene and adopt Wilson’s Bill 225, the DriveTest Labour Dispute Resolution Act, 2009.
“Over 370,000 Ontarians have been negatively impacted because of this labour dispute,” said Wilson, “and with 4,000 people per day being affected, the economy of this province is in jeopardy, and the McGuinty Liberals need to show leadership.”

Wilson's legislation would end the DriveTest strike between Serco-DES and the United Steelworkers Local 9511. The Bill passed First Reading by a vote of 14-0 and is currently waiting to be called for Second Reading by the Government.

Wilson’s question highlighted the case of Shafique Malik, owner of ABM Driving School, who employs 40 driving instructors. His employees have had to max out lines of credit and credit cards just to feed their families and pay their mortgages. ABM Driving School and hundreds of others province-wide could be out of business if this strike continues any longer.

“Dalton McGuinty needs to act now to end this impasse,” said Wilson, “our economy, driving instructors, truck drivers, young people and new Canadians are suffering.”

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