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Tim Hudak has a Better Plan than McGuinty's 'Enron Budget'

(March 25, 2010) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson says Tim Hudak and the P.C. Caucus have a better plan for Ontario than the one Dalton McGuinty introduced today in his 2010 'Enron Budget.'
"The first thing Tim Hudak would have done was roll back the fat severance packages that Dalton McGuinty is dishing out to provincial tax collectors," said Wilson, who was commenting on the Liberal decision to award up to $45,000 in severance pay to 1,250 tax collectors who aren't even losing their jobs.

Wilson says if Ontarians want a real plan they should look to Tim Hudak and the P.C. Caucus who have outlined 10 practical, affordable and achievable ideas on their website at that will create jobs and grow our economy. 
"The people I talk to want a new approach," said Wilson. "McGuinty's budget might just as well have been written by the accountants at Enron."
The local MPP said the most telling part of the budget was found on the second last page.  That's where the budget documents said that by 2012 Dalton McGuinty will have doubled the provincial debt after only 8 years in office.  He also complained that agriculture didn't even receive a single mention in the entire 19 page budget speech.
"Tim Hudak would have suspended the tax on new jobs," he said of the plan.  "He would have eliminated job killing red tape, made home ownership more affordable, and restored balance to the WSIB.  And Hudak would have expanded job opportunities for young workers, cut wasteful government and put an end to corporate welfare."
Wilson also blew a hole in the suggestion that McGuinty is freezing public sector wages.  "Only 10 percent of the public sector will see a wage freeze, while everyone else will see wage hikes next year."
The Simcoe-Grey MPP encouraged constituents who are fed up with Dalton McGuinty's debts, deficits and broken promises to check out Tim Hudak's 10 for 2010 plan at


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