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Wilsons Calls for McGuinty to Respect Local Councils

(March 25, 2010) Simcoe-Grey MPP Jim Wilson asked the McGuinty Government in Question Period today whether it will respect the wishes of over 50 Ontario communities who have asked the Liberals to put a moratorium on new wind developments.  Under the Liberals’ Green Energy Act, the McGuinty Government is foisting wind projects on municipalities without any local say.

“These communities have had enough of the Premier and his buddies in the political elite forcing their pet projects onto the backyards of people in rural Ontario without any say from the local community,” said Wilson in Question Period.  “What gives your government the right to ignore the concerns of the voters in rural and small town Ontario?”

On Monday March 22nd, Clearview Township joined 50 other municipal Council’s by calling on the McGuinty Government to put a moratorium on new wind developments.  These elected bodies have asked that an independent study on the health effects of wind turbines be done first.

“This shows what a terrible failure the Liberals’ Green Energy Act has turned out to be,” said Wilson.  “People are sick and tired of a Premier, who lives in the tony neighbourhood of Rosedale, telling them how to run their rural communities.”

Wilson says that if the Liberals’ hadn’t used their majority to pass the Green Energy Act, the decision to build wind turbines would be left up to locally elected Councils and those affected by the decision.  The Progressive Conservative Caucus voted against the Act.

The local MPP’s long-standing position on wind turbines is that they should only be built when the local community agrees to them.

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