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Industrial Wind and Solar Farms

Nobody knows what’s best for a community better than the people, small businesses and local councillors who live there. That's one of the reasons why Jim has been strongly opposed to Dalton McGuinty's Green Energy Act that takes away local decision making when it comes to the development of industrial wind and solar farms.

In a recent newspaper column, Jim wrote, "Under any other circumstance, ratepayers would have a say in what is built in their community.  Your local council can determine where a hot dog stand can go, but because of Dalton McGuinty’s Green Energy Act, they are not allowed to determine where a 40-storey industrial turbine or a 300 acre solar farm can go."

Jim has always beleived, back to the days when he was Ontario's Minister of Energy, that industrial wind and solar farms should only be built in places where they are welcomed and wanted and at prices ratepayers can afford.

So what's Jim doing?

At Queen's Park he continues to introduce petitions to oppose projects that are being proposed in Adjala-Tosorontio, Essa, Springwater, Clearview and in Grey County.  In fact, Jim has stood up more than 17 times on 17 different occassions to read petitions in the Ontario Legislature.

At home, Jim spoke at a press conference organized by the Collingwood Regional Airport Board where they expressed deep concerns about wpd Canada's proposal to build 500 foot tall wind turbines near the flight path of the airport.


During Question Period in May 2012, Jim asked Premier Dalton McGuinty why is entertaining wpd Canada's proposal in Clearview that would see 500 foot tall wind turbines placed near the Collingwood Regional Airport.

Jim is interviewed on CFRA Radio about the PC proposal to end the Feed-in-tariff program that is driving up hydro rates and allowing industrial wind and solar farms to be built in places where they are unwelcome.

Jim speaks at an anti-wind protest on the front lawn of the Ontario Legislature that included bus loads of constituents from Simcoe-Grey.

In Question Period, Jim asks Premier Dalton McGuinty why he is forcing industrial wind and solar farms on communities that don't want them.

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