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Duntroon Central Public School Update

(December 14, 2011) I am writing to provide a brief update for those who share my concern about the closure of Duntroon Central Public School and the safeguarding of rural schools in general.

In the legislature I have tabled three important questions for the Minister of Education.  They are as follows:

1. Would the Minister of Education provide a copy of the government's rural school policy, including a geographic map indicating what areas of the province are considered rural?

2. Would the Minister of Education explain why Duntroon Central Public School does not qualify for rural school funding that would allow the government to keep the Premier's 2007 campaign commitment not to close rural schools?

3. Would the Minister of Education provide a list indicating the name, city and riding of all public schools that have been closed since 2003, including the date of closure?

Pursuant to the Standing Orders of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, the Minister of Education is required to respond to these questions within 28 sitting days of the legislature.  I have also resumed tabling petitions in the legislature, which is another way to keep the issue alive.

The fact that Duntroon Central is now slated for closure makes our efforts much more difficult.  There are obviously no guarantees that we can reverse the decision.   What I know is that it is important to remain vigilant.  You can’t win a fight by backing down.  At the very least, if we continue to speak up, ask questions, and be engaged in the issue, we can try and prevent further school closures and push for a rural school policy that supports single school communities.

Your continued support in writing letters and signing petitions is greatly appreciated.


Jim Wilson, MPP


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