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McGuinty Cuts Funding to Ontario Students to Fund Foreign Scholarships

(November 17, 2010) Jim Wilson wants to know why the McGuinty Government cut funding to Ontario students in order to pay for its foreign scholarship plan.  The Ontario PC Critic for Colleges & Universities cited the cut to the textbook and technology grant as evidence that the McGuinty Liberals are cutting funding to Ontario students in order to fund foreign scholarships.

"Now we know why Dalton McGuinty cut the $300 textbook and technology grant he promised to give to every fulltime student in Ontario," said Wilson.  "Obviously he needed to cut back on supports for Ontario students in order to fund his foreign scholarship plan."

In the 2007 Throne Speech the Liberals said, "To ensure it is more affordable, your government will deliver a new textbook credit and technology grant of $300 for university and college students to help them get started each year at school."  Despite promises that every full-time college and university student would get the $300 grant, eligible students only receive $150, and only a fraction of students even qualify.

Wilson asked the Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities on March 9, 2010 about the program in Question Period.  In response, John Milloy said, "The member is correct: Our ambitious plan was $300 a year, and because of financial circumstances we had to curb that."

"The McGuinty Government said they had no money to keep their promise to help students with their textbook and technology needs," said Wilson.  "Fast forward eight months and they miraculously found $30 million to fund foreign scholarships.  What an amazing example of how out of touch Dalton McGuinty has become."

The Ontario PC Party is calling for an end to the foreign scholarship plan and say those dollars should instead be reinvested in Ontario students who are struggling to pay their way through school.

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