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Invest in Ontario student first: Hudak & Wilson

(November 8, 2010) Today, Ontario PC Caucus Leader Tim Hudak and Jim Wilson, PC Critic for Colleges and Universities, launched a petition calling on Dalton McGuinty to cancel his plan to hand out $30 million in scholarships to foreign students and instead to invest those funds in Ontario students. Hudak said a PC Government would invest in Ontario students first.

At a time when Ontario families are struggling to pay for their children’s education and tuition fees are the highest in the country, Dalton McGuinty is overlooking Ontario students by creating a scholarship program exclusive to foreign students. This is just another example of how out of touch Dalton McGuinty has become with the priorities of Ontario families.  

Jim Wilson will consult with students on the best way the government can reinvest the funds to benefit Ontario students. The Ontario PC Caucus petition was launched online and will be distributed on campuses around the province.


“I see post-secondary education as the great equalizer. It’s a chance for anybody to get ahead regardless of their financial circumstances. Sadly, Dalton McGuinty is overlooking Ontario students’ needs and instead handing out scholarships to foreign students. The Ontario PC Caucus believes in helping Ontario students first.”
--Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

“Parents and students from across Ontario are rightly outraged that the McGuinty government would hand out scholarships to foreign families while their family continues to make tremendous sacrifices for the same opportunity. This is yet another example of how out-of-touch Dalton McGuinty is with the priorities of Ontario families – and Ontario students.”
--Jim Wilson, PC Critic for Colleges and Universities


•    In 2010/11 Ontario graduate students saw a 10.6% increase in tuition fees. The $6,917 average amount graduate students now pay is more than any other province.

•    Ontario university class sizes are the largest in the country with one professor for every 27 students – 15% larger than other provinces.

•    The average debt of a university graduate last year was $26,680.

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