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Textbook & Technology Grant: A Ghost of the 2007 Liberal Throne Speech

(March 9, 2010) The Ontario PC Colleges and Universities Critic says a 2007 broken promise to give every college and university student $300 for textbooks and technology is yet another reason not to believe anything in Dalton McGuinty’s latest Throne Speech, says Jim Wilson.

“The promise was made three years ago, but it’s another case where Dalton McGuinty finds it easier to make new promises rather than deliver on the old ones,” said Wilson.  “Ontario deserves better than a Premier who offers nothing more than one empty promise after another.

In the 2007 Throne Speech the Liberals said, “To ensure it is more affordable, your government will deliver a new textbook credit and technology grant of $300 for university and college students to help them get started each year at school.”

Despite promises that every full-time college and university student would get the $300 grant, eligible students only receive $150, and only a fraction of students even qualify.

In Question Period, Wilson told Minister John Milloy, “Students and their families expect you to deliver the grants you said you were coming,” and asked, “Why would Ontario students believe your big promise to expand spaces for international enrolment, when you can’t even deliver on your little promise to expand this grant program?”

In his response, Milloy admitted that the McGuinty government had indeed “curbed” the promised program.

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