Jim gets things done for Simcoe-Grey

If there's one thing Jim can't stand it's seeing people who need help being ignored or shoved aside.  As an experienced MPP, he's uncovered countless problems, suggested common sense solutions and made a difference in countless people's lives.  He knows how to make government work for people and how to stand up and be counted at Queen's Park.

Here's a sample of some of the thing's Jim has helped achieve for the people of Simcoe-Grey.

ElmvaleLab Re-Opening of Medical Labs

When medical labs closed in Stayner, Tottenham and Elmvale, it caused great difficulties for families who rely on health care services close to home.

Jim took up the cause and fought hard for the re-opening of all three medical labs.  After endless petitions, questions and meetings, Jim was successful in getting all three labs re-opened, as well as an expansion of the lab in Wasaga Beach and an easing of line-ups at labs in Alliston and Collingwood.

 Helping Miller's Dairy in Creemore

MillersDairyWhen John and Marie Miller encountered problems cutting through needless red tape as they worked to get their on-farm milk processing facility off the ground, Jim was there to help.  He talked to government officials on their behalf and helped arrange meeting's with senior officials at the Ministry of Agriculture.  Thanks to John and Marie's team, Miller's Dairy is now open and selling on-farm milk across Simcoe County.

Re-Opening Alliston's Birthing Unit


When the McGuinty govenrment allowed Stevenson Memorial Hospital's birthing unit to close, Jim fought back.  He debated resolutions in the Legislature, asked questions of the Premier, met with senior officials at the Ministry of Health and organized a huge rally on the lawn of Queen's Park.

With the help of many in the community, Jim got the birthing unit re-opened.

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